Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Small Zoo at Golden Prawn Batam Island

Have you ever been in Bengkong Laut? If you are a batam citizen I am sure you know this area very well. But for all of you who haven’t come to this place yet, from this blog I suggest you to come to this place. There is a famous Sea Food Restaurant here that is always visited by many people from many areas in Batam. If you are planning to come to this restaurant in groups, it is better for you to book the tables and arrange the menu you want to eat first. Because if you don’t book it, I am afraid you will not have any tables to sit here. Beside the restaurant, there is a big hotel named Golden Prawn Hotel. When I came to this place two days ago, there were many guests stayed here. The facilities of this hotel are also quite good. But for this time, I will not talk about Golden Prawn Hotel and Restaurant, but I just would like to let you know about a small zoo that you may see there.

The small zoo is just located at the left side of the entrance. When you enter the entrance, just go ahead straight, then you should park your car or your motor bike at the parking area that is available there. The parking area is quite large at this place, so don't worry that you will not have any space to park your car or motor bike. From the parking area, you just need to walk around 20 meters to the mini zoo. There are many kinds of animal that you may see there, such as birds, snakes, monkeys, fishes, chipmunks, and many more. All of the animals are kept in a large cage. Different kinds of animal will have a different cage. And all cages are designed quite well that make the animals unable to escape from the cages.

If you come to this place at the afternoon, you will see many people at this place. As this small zoo is opened for public and is aimed for all people especially for those who want to stay in the Hotel or who eat at the restaurant, so to enter the zoo, we don’t have have to pay anything because it is absolutely free of charge. Almost all of the visitors who see the zoo at the afternoon are Bengkong Laut citizens and the rest are the guests who stay in the Golden Prawn Hotel. This small Zoo becomes an interesting place for the guests, especially for the children. The existence of this small zoo becomes an attraction for all people to visit the Golden Prawn Hotel and Restaurant.

So for you guys who are curious to know about this small zoo, just come to Golden Prawn. I remind you once again that to enter and see this zoo, you don’t have to pay anthying. By the way, if you haven’t tried the sea food in the restaurant, you also may try, I am sure you will feel satisfied to have lunch or dinner there. Because all the menus that are available there are quite complete, and from my experience to have dinner there, the foods were very delicious. Although the price of the foods are expensive, but it will not be a big problem from people to come to this place. Please come and prove it by yourself, won’t you?


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