Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hanging Out in Ocarina

Ocarina which is located in Batam Center becomes the most favourite place for batam citizen to spend their time for recreation. There are some interested places you can find in this place. The best sea view is one of attractions given by Ocarina besides many playing parks for children are also available here. Ocarina is only 10 minutes away from batam center sea port by car, and it takes 30 minutes away from Hang Nadim air port. Although, ocarina is considered to be a new recreation place in batam, but it really can attract batam citizen to come to this nice place.

If you come to this place in the afternoon, you will see many people playing here especially teenagers and children. This place becomes the best place for teenagers to hang out. Most of them like riding bicycle that they rent from here. They usually ride the bicycle in group. As there are some parks to play, many children also play here with their parents. Many visitors come here with their children. This place really succeed to spoil their visitors with some interesting playing arenas which are used children for playing. Beside that, we also can see many shops that sell food, drinks or snacks. Though the price of some food offered here is more expensive if we compare from others, but it will not be a problem for the visitors.

If you haven’t come to this nice place yet, you just need Rp. 5000 for the entrance ticket to enter this place. I think this is the cheapest ticket price I have ever known in batam for a recreation place. For your information, if you come here by car, you can directly enter the entrance after paying the ticket, but if you come here by motor cycle, you cannot bring your motor cycle along with you to enter this place, but you should park your motor cycle at the parking area provided by the management just out side the entrance gate. After that you need to walk to the gate to pay for the entrance ticket. Ocarina managements provide two special and small cars to take the visitors from the gate to the main place inside the Ocarina. But I think these cars are not enough to bring all the visitors. So If I may suggest to the management of the Ocarina, Providing more cars will be an advantage for the management to satisfy the visitors. Because from what I have seen so far, many visitors who come here by motor bike or cab take a walk from the gate to the playing arenas inside the Ocarina. Another suggestion is, if it is possible, please make a motor bike parking area inside the place. So the visitors don’t need to walk so far anymore to get the place.

As there are many visitors come to Ocarina, the management of ocarina should improve their service in order to keep their customers. Providing more transportations as for the visitors will be one of the management consideration to attract their costumers to visit the place. I am quite sure if the managements build a motor cycle parking area inside the entrance gate, more people will come to this place. What do you think guys, do you agree if Ocarina management build a parking motor area inside the entrance gate?