Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Motor Communities in Batam Island.

Most of my friends who stay outside this island do not believe that in this small island, there are many motor communities from many types of motor. They ever asked me few questions about these motor communities. Some of them are: Where do all of these motor communities go for touring? and what contributions do these communities give to the Batam citizens? There are many motor communities in Batam. Some of them are: 1. Motorizations Club, 2. Batam Mio Club (BMC), 3. Bikers Tiger Batam (BTB), 4. Batam King Club (BKC), 5. Batam Thunder Motor Community (BTMC) and many others.

It is not easy to become a member of a motor community in batam island. Every community has its own rules in recruiting new members. Let’s say in Bikers Tiger Batam (BTB), if you want to register yourself to be a member of this community, you have to pass some of the requirements applied in this community. The requirements are: 1. a new member must have a Driving License. 2. a new member must have a motor cycle typed: Tiger 2000 with a complete and legal document. 3. a new member must be passed for a riding motor test conducted by a special team from Bikers Tiger Batam. 4. a new member should follow all the regulations applied by the policeman including the usage of helmet while he is riding a motor, and never break the traffic light. Until now this community has around 56 members that spread out in Batam Island.

Different from Bikers Tiger Batam, Motorization Club’s requirements to be a new member are easier to fulfill. Even if you don’t have a motor bike you still can be a member of this community, but remember you should have a helmet. Another easiness for a new member in this club is; this community accepts any types of motor bikes to join. So there are so many types of motor bikes available in this communities. If one day you come to see this club, you may see some types of motor cycle there, just like Thunder, Smash, Shogun, Supra, mio, cs 1, and many others. For your information, all of the members of this communities stay in Cammo Industrial Park Batam Center because all of the members of this community are employees in some companies in Cammo Industrial Park Batam Center. Though this community is still new, but the this club has already have so many members. The chief of this Motorization said the community now has more than 113 members.

Well, you probably ask me just like my friends questions as I mentioned above. Where do all of these motor communities go for touring? The answer for this question actually is simple. For Bikers Tiger Batam, there are three types of touring. The first one is City Touring. Training Touring, and the last one is Free Touring. The City touring means that we do the touring at the main roads in Batam Cities, just like Batam Center, Sei Panas, Pelita, Nagoya, Jodoh, Penuin. The aim of this City touring is to campaign the safety riding to all batam citizens.As we know together that some of batam citizens still do not understand that the safety riding is very important for them.

Therefore, we do this city touring at least once in two months. Second, Training touring. Training Touring is held to train a new member to be a tough riders. Having a good health and being able to ride the motor bikes for hours are really needed by a good biker. The route for this touring is from Barelang Bridge to Melur Beach. This touring is held once a month and usually spends 3 hours to do this touring. Once again, we only do this touring when we want to train some new members. Third, Free Touring. Free touring means we are free to bring our families, girl friend, boy friend or all of our friends to join the touring. And the destination for this free touring is not in Batam Island. We usually go to other island to hold this free touring, such as Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Uban, Lagoi and all parts of Bintan Island. We usually take at least 2 days in doing this touring. From some free touring that we have conducted, there were at least 15 motor bikes that used to join this touring. This touring is usually held once in 6 months.

Back to my friend’s second question, what contributions do these communities give to the Batam citizens?. As a member of a motor bike community in Batam, I am able to let you know some contributions that some communities give to batam citizens. You probably know that all of the communities have their own programs in a year, including Bikers Tiger Batam. The first contribution given by Bikers Tiger Batam is to let batam citizens know how important to use safety riding while they are riding motor bikes. The second contribution is The social services that is conducted by Bikers Tiger Batam once in two months. The Social services could be doing some mosquitoes fogging in some areas in Batam Island, or visiting some mosques and churches in Batam and give something that probably needed by them. The third contribution is to give batam citizens knowledge about the importance of following the traffic regulations that is applied by the policeman. So if you guys stay in batam, and you have your own motor bike, don’t hesitate to join these communities. You can choose which community you want to join. If you have a tiger motor bike, you may join the Bikers Tiger Batam Community. If you have a thunder motor bike, you can join the Batam Thunder Motor Community (BTMC), and if you have a mio motor bike, you can join Batam Mio Club (BMC), or you can choose other communities that you think you are suitable to join.

In addition, although some people probably don’t like of the existence of motor communities in Batam, but these motor communities have taken some important parts to make batam citizens realize the usage of the safety riding while they are riding their motor cycles as well as the importance of following traffic regulations for their safety. However, sharing about some modifications of the motor bike and finding some motor’s equipments with low prices become another advantage for all the members of community.


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