Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Batam from my point of view

It was on September 2000 when i came to this City. As the plane that flied me from medan landed at Hang Nadim air port, the first comment that came out from my mouth was “Wow Batam is Great”. I said “Batam is great” because I saw the Hang Nadim air port is quite big. I could see more than 9 planes were available there and ready to fly. I was also told by one of my friends who fetched me from the air port that Hang Nadim air port has become an international airport and it made all of batam citizens proud, he added.

On my way to the place where I wanted to stay, i became more saluted to this city. The street from air port to orchid park was very good. My friend explained to me that he was really happy if he was asked by the bos to fetch someone from the air port. It was just because the Street was really good. There was no one hole all along the street, and there’s no traffic jam at all. “This is Batam Man”, he added, of course different from Medan. At that time I thought he was right, and until now I also still agree with him.

One day after I arrived here, my friend asked me to visit Muka Kuning. And that was my first time to see so many companies were located in one big area. My friend said that most of companies there produced Electronic equipments. And each company at least employs one thousand employees. After visited Muka Kuning, then we went to Turi Beach. It took 40 minutes away from Muka Kuning to this resort. I got surprised when we arrived there. The resort which was located at the northeast part of batam island was very beautiful. There were so many resorts available at this place. And the views were so amazing. You could see the sun sets from this place clearly.

Getting tired from Turi Beach, then we went to Nagoya to have dinner. At first I was confused with the name of “Nagoya”. I thought my friend was joking when he said that there was one place in Batam Named Nagoya. And I realized that he was not kidding after I reconfirmed to one of the servant who served us at that time. It was not difficult for us to find the place to eat as there were so many restaurants available in Nagoya.

It was more than 8 years ago. And Now Batam Island has changed a lot. From all aspects this city has changed. For some people, Batam Island is the heaven city, as they can find and get everything here. If they want to stay in resort, they can choose the resort that they like, as there are so many resort available here. If they want to go to Singapore, they just need around 40 minutes away to arrive there. If they want to shop in Batam, then can choose the mall that they like, because there are so many malls here.

In Short, there is no point for all westerners or other people not to come to this City, because this city provides everything to the citizens and visitors. As long as you have enough money, you can try everything here, from food, shopping, sports, hotels, cafes, or pubs. I suggest you all to come to batam and enjoy yourselves here. This is my point of view about Batam in General, and for the next post i will describe all the interesting places that available in batam one by one.