Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cafes in Batam spoil their customers with Free WiFi

If you are a new comer in Batam, and you want to go to one of cafes in batam, you probably get confused which cafe you want to visit. It’s because there are so many cafes you can find here. Although almost all of the cafes offer the same menus both drinks, meals and even snacks with competitive prices but the competition in this field is still quite high. Nowadays, many of the cafe owners try to attract the customers to come to their cafes by offering them a free WiFi. So the customers who bring laptop can use this wifi to enable them to connect to internet while they are drinking or eating there. As we know together that there are many business man who likes spending their lunch time at cafes. So this free wifi becomes an advantage for both sides, customers and the cafe's owners. Good for customers, because they are able to use the facilities for their own sakes. As many business man in batam choose cafes to continue their works while they are having lunch. And good for the owner because there are many customers come to their cafes because of this sevice. There are many cafes that we can find in batam, namely: Bistro Godiva Café (Mega Mall), CoolJuz cafe (BCS), Godiva café (BCS), Godiva Cafe (Nagoya Hill), ICBIC Cafe (Pelita), Van Hollano Cafe, Olala Cafe (Batam center sea port) and many more. For this opportunity I just want to discuss some of them.

If you go to Mega Mall Batam Center, you may find one of famous cafes in batam there. The name of the cafe is Bistro Godiva. This cafe is located at the second floor of the building. If you use the elevator to go to the second floor, just turn right and you need to walk about 15 meters to reach this cafe. This cafe has already have so many members. Based on the data I collect from one of the workers there, there are few hundred members of this cafe. Why should become a member of this cafe? You probably ask me this question. All the members of this cafe will have 20% discount from the total cost they spend. For example, if the total price of your drinks and meals Rp. 200.000, you just need to pay Rp. 160.000, as the Rp. 40.000 is the discount. This 20% discount is aimed for the members only and for non members there is no discount at all. So if you guys always come to this café, I suggest you to register yourself to become a member, so you can save 20% of your total cost anytime you buy something from this cafe. There is another reason why people especially they who like using the wifi service are fond of coming to this café, that is because the connection speed of the wife is very good. If the connection is slow, I am sure many of the customers will leave this cafe.

Another cafe that becomes a favorite cafe in batam is Cool Juz Cafe. This cafe is located at the third floor of Batam City Square’s building in Baloi area. With special menus such as Fried Chicken Wings and fries, Mikkusu Furai Bento, Oxtail Soup, yakitori and bakso, this cafe can attrack many customers to come. This is one of the cafes that offers some Japanese, Korean, and Thailand’s foods in batam. That’s why many foreigners come to this cafe to try the special menus offered by CoolJuz. Besides spoiling the customers with a free wifi, the owner of this cafe also provide 6 desktop pc for the customers to use. The main intention of providing these computers is because the owner of this cafe realizes that not all people or customers who come to his cafe always bring laptop. That’s why for those customers who don’t bring their laptop they are still able to enjoy the facilities by using the desktop pc. Many activities are conducted by the CoolJuz Cafe’s owner and staff to teach the customers or batam people to know the cyber world. One of the activities is BLOG CLINIC thas was held by this café a few months ago. In this event, they taught all the members to build or create a new blog. There were around 20 people joined the competition at that time and the event was quite success. So for all of you who want to try the meal and drinks here, come to this place and I am sure you will like this cafe and will visit this cafe again when you have spare time.

In Short, the free WiFi provided by the owners of the cafe really can attract people to visit their cafes. High Internet connection speed is also being a consideration for the customers in choosing which Wifi they are going to use. The lowest prices and best services also becomes some reasons for the customers to choose which cafe they will visit. So for all of cafe’s owners, if I may give you a suggestion, Besides offering best menus to the customers, if possible please provide high internet connection speed to the customers, and giving them the best prices as well.


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Hi... an idea's playing around my mind. Rimmeld, is it a good idea to run a 'WiFi-ed Lapo Batak'?

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mantap banget .......