Thursday, April 16, 2009

International Sea Ports in Batam Island

Nowadays, batam island is very popular in other countries. Many foreigners from different countries come to this island with different intentions. Some of them come here for business, some for shopping, and some more for holidays. It is not really important for me to discuss what are their intentions to come to batam, but for this chance I just would like to give you some information how they get to the island that is now trying hard to become a digital Island in Indonesia. As batam location is just nearby Singapore, so for Singaporean and Malaysian, they can directly come to batam from their sea ports by ferry. I have mentioned before in my previous post, that It usually takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour from Singapore to batam, and around 90 minutes to 2 hours from Malaysia to batam. For other asia countries, they usually go to Singapore first, then come to batam through Singapore sea port.

From what I have seen so far, there are many international sea ports that we can see in Batam. Some of them are: 1. Batam Center International Sea Port, 2. Sekupang International Sea Port, 3. Harbour Bay Sea Port, 4. Nongsa Pura Sea Port, and 5. Water Front Marina Sea Port Although this island is not as big as other islands in Indonesia, but it can not be denied that this island can compete with other island to attract foreigners to come to this island.


Batam Center International Sea Port is located in Batam Center. It is just nearby Mega Mall Shopping Center. If you stay in Nagoya, you will take about 15 to 20 minutes to reach this sea port. And if you have just arrived at Hang Nadim air port and want to go directly to this sea port, you will take about 30 minutes to get this port. This international sea port offers two routes to the passengers. The routes that they offers are Singapore and Malaysia. The port that starts the operation from 7am to 10pm Indonesian time becomes the best choice for batam citizens that stay in Batam Center area. Inside the port we also can see some shops that sell some stuffs, such as food, drinks, snacks, perfumes, and many more. This international sea port also has a big and secured parking area for cars and motor bikes as well. The passengers that use their cars to the sea port and stay overnight in Singapore or Malaysia do not feel worried of the cars that they leave in the sea port parking area, because they know that the cars will be kept safely there. That is why if you come to this port at day time, you may see many cars are parked well in this secured parking area.


Sekupang Intenational Sea Port is located in Sekupang. This port only offers the route to Singapore. The port starts the operation from 7am to 7pm Indonesian Time. People who stay in Sekupang, Tiban, and Baloi usually choose this port to go to Singapore. The sekupang international port locations is quite far from Hang Nadim air port. It takes about 45 minutes to reach this port. If you stay in Nagoya, and plan to use this port to go abroad, you just need to take 30 minutes to get the port. This port also has a parking area for cars and motor bikes.


Although consider to be a new sea port, Harbour Bay can compete with other sea ports in batam in giving the best services to the passengers. The strategic location of this sea port becomes one of the reason why many people choose this sea port when they are planning to go to Singapore. This harbour bay sea port is located in Jodoh. The easiest access to go to nagoya make foreigners use this port as their destination port. This sea port starts the operation from 7am to 8pm Indonesian Time. The parking area for cars is also provided by the managements of this port here.


Nongsa Pura Sea Port is located in Nongsa. This sea port offers a Singapore route only. Many foreigners who want to stay in some hotels in nongsa usually go directly from Singapore or Malaysia port to this sea port. This port is surrounded by many hotels that available there. The operations of this sea port is from 7 am to 7pm Indonesian Time.


The Water Front Sea Port is located in Marina City. This sea port also only serves one route, that is Singapore route. This port starts the operation from 7 am to 7pm Indonesian Time. Parking area is also available here though it is not as big as the port in Batam Center Sea Port. This port is also surrounded by many apartments.

In Conclusion, many international sea ports in batam can give batam visitors many options when they want to come to Batam Island. These sea ports managements also serve all the passengers with the best service they can give. So for you guys who stay abroad and want to come to batam by ferry, you will not find any difficulties anymore since the list of Batam International Sea Port has been provided in this simple blog.


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Hi, Rimmeld would you please to post any information about education centers or schools,industial sites, churches or mosques, traditional markets, ethnics and even health facilities,thanks. Oh no Hang Nadim I do miss u...