Monday, April 20, 2009

Let’s Support The Program of Visit Batam 2010.

As we have known together that next year will be the year of Visit Batam 2010 as planned by the Batam City Government (Pemko Batam). This program is aimed by the Batam City Government and Batam Tourism Department to introduce Batam Island to all over the world. Beside that, Some preparations have been made to succeed this program. Some associations that available in batam also support the year of visit batam 2010. They are : Batam Hotel and Restaurants Association, Indonesian Traveling Company Association, Indonesian convention and Congress Association and Batam Entertainment service Association. These four associations have declared to support the program by presenting some Indonesian traditional dances, some foreign dances, and to hold some international meeting to attract foreigners to come to batam

In supporting the program of visit batam 2010, almost all of the hotels in batam make the best preparation. They improve their service to the guests to make them satisfied to stay in the hotel. Many hotels in batam have international standard service. Some of them are: Planet Holiday Hotel, Vista Hotel, Harris Hotel, Good Way Hotel, I Hotel, Harmony Hotel, Novotel Hotel and Grand Majesty Hotel. All of these hotels are ready to welcome all of the foreigners that will come to Batam. The restaurants are also prepared well by the management of the hotels. Many westerns menu are available in these hotels that can spoil all of the westerners and keep them stay longer in Batam.

It is true that many hotels will take some advantages when many foreigners come to batam and stay in their hotels. The more guests stay in their hotel, the more money they will earn. Restaurants, travel agents and ferry owners also will get some advantages from this program. I am sure that’s one of the reasons, why they want to help Batam City Government to succeed the program of Visit Batam 2010.

There are many things that have been done by the Batam City government to succeed Visit Batam 2010, especially in providing some useful facilities that can attract the foreigners. As good citizens, what should we do to support this program? According to me, there are so many things that we can take to succeed this program. Firstly, we can keep all the facilities provided by the Batam City government well. Secondly, we should prepare ourselves by learning english in order to be able to answer westerners question in case they ask us questions when they meet us in some places. And the last thing that we should do is learning some folk stories that are available in batam island. This is important for us to explain them the right folk stories in batam.

Finally, as good batam citizens, let us support the program of Visit Batam 2010 by doing some positive things that I have explained above. I am sure with many supporting from many associations and the local citizen, this program will succeed well. May many foreigners will come to our small island, and may this island become one of the best island in tourism industry in Indonesia.

Note : Some Sources were taken from Kompas Daily Newspaper Edition October, 2008