Friday, May 29, 2009

Spend Your Weekend time in Mirota Beach

Although batam is known as one of industrial cities in Indonesia, but this scorpion island also has so many beautiful beaches. Some famous beaches which are always visited by batam citizen or foreigners have been discussed at my previous articles, such as Melayu Beach , Sekilak Beach , and Turi Beach. There are still some beaches that I haven’t explained in my blog such as Marina Beach, Saranggon Beach, and Mirota Beach. And for this time I don’t want to discuss all of these beaches but only Mirota Beach (Pantai Mirota). One of new beautiful beach that we can find in Batam. I am not sure whether you have ever heard about this Mirota Beach. As Mirota Beach is still new to be opened for public, so in my opinion only few people know and ever visit this interesting beach. However, through this article I would like to give you some information about mirota beach. This information will be useful for you before you decide to go and stay in the villa around the beach.

Mirota Beach is located in Galang Island, exactly at Sijantung Village. It is just 200 meters from the fifth bridge of Barelang. So if you want to come to this beach, after passing the fifth bridge, around 200 meters from it at the right side of the street there is a small street towards Mirota Beach. It will take 3 minutes from the corner to reach the beach. To enter the beach, you have to pay some money in the entrance. A motor bike is charged for Rp. 5000, a car and minibus are charged for Rp. 10,000, and a big bus is charged for Rp. 30,000. Mirota beach has a white sand and the water is very clean. It is a good place to swim I think. There are also some inner tubes to be rented. So this inner tube is usually used by people when they swim in the beach. This inner tube is rented for Rp. 10,000. Beside the inner tube, there are also some kayak boats which are rented for Rp. 30,000. If you want to stay in the beach, there are three villas available there to be rented. The price of the villa is Rp. 300,000 per night. All villas have the same prices, though the size of the villas are different one to another.

It is necessary for me to inform you that if you come to this beach in groups and plan to stay in the villas, you have to book the villas at least 2 or 3 weeks before your coming and you need to give the down payment to the management of Mirota Beach. It is because there are only three villas available there, and many people are interested in renting them. So it is not easy to rent the villas. For your information, one villa is only allowed to be placed by 7 persons. But it still can be negotiated with the management if you want to add more than 7 persons inside the villa. The Check in Time in the villa is at 1Pm and the Check out Time is 1Pm. So if you check in the villa on Saturday at 1Pm, you have to check out the villa on the next day, Sunday at 1Pm.

When I came to mirota beach to book some villas for an event which will be held on July 2009. I saw that all the villas had been rented at that time. There were 3 families stayed in the villas. From the information that I got from the management, they had been stayed in the villas for 3 days. As I need to check all the rooms in the villas, The management and I finally asked for a permission to the them to check all the facilities inside the villas. There is one living room and two bed rooms in the villa. And the bed rooms are equipped by an air conditioner. There is also a small kitchen in the villa to be used for cooking. The position of the kitchen is at the first floor. However if you want to use the gas and the gas stove, you have to pay Rp. 100,000 per day.

In conclusion, although Mirota Beach is still new to be opened for public, but I think this beach has a good prospect in tourism field in Batam. The existence of the villas in the beach make the visitors are able to stay over night there. I am really curious about this beach and the villa, that is why my friends and I have decided to hold an event in Mirota beach on July 18, 2009 and plan to stay over night in the villas. How about you? Are you also curious about the beach and plan to stay in the villa? You may call Mr. Munir at 0813-722-86396 or 0813-7239-6598 for a reservation. Have a nice weekend there guys...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rusun Bumi Lancang Kuning for Your Home Living

If you just visit Batam Island for the first time and would like to find a job, don’t worry where you will stay. There are many places for you to stay, but for this opportunity, I would like to suggest you to stay in Rusun Bumi Lancang Kuning for all of you who want to stay around Batu Ampar area. As Rusun Bumi Lancang Kuning is the best choice for the new comers and jobseekers.

What is Bumi Rusun Lancang Kuning and where is it???

Rusun is the abbreviation of Rumah Susun (Block House), while Lancang Kuning is taken form a famous boat in the ancient history of Malayan. This block house is a special present from PT. JAMSOSTEK (Labor Insurance) to the workers in Batam. And officially legalized by ex-president of Indonesia Megawati Soekarno Putri at 2003. It is easy to reach this block house because the location is strategic, not far from the business centre of Batam, Nagoya and Jodoh. Then the most interesting is, Harbour Bay is the neighborhood of this block house. It means that it is easy to reach Ferry terminal, Seafood Restaurants and Shopping Centre. It is exactly at Jln. Duyung, Batu Ampar – Batam.

Mostly, block house has a negative connotation because crowded and no rules for those who live in it. But Rusun Bumi Lancang Kuning is different. This block house offering us the secure of living (24 hours security), elegance, green, health, far from noisy and the most important thing is economic. You just need to pay for Rp. 400,000 per month. And the management of this block only allows four persons to stay in one room. It means that each person only needs to pay for Rp. 100,000 every month plus electricity and water charges. It is really cheap, isn’t it?

In your spare time, you can go to Harbour Bay just on foot and the mid of the night you will see the color of Singapore thorough their lights in the air just from your room windows. That is why many workers and new comers choose this block house to stay as long as they stay Batam.

So, you do not need to think twice if you just come to Batam, Rusun Bumi Lancang Kuning is the best place to stay for the new comers, job seekers and employees. Stay in Rusun Bumi Lancang Kuning feels like living in apartment. Are you interested in living there? Just come and contact the management to rent one of the rooms from that block house.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Looking for a job in Batam? Think Twice Guys .....

As one of industrial cities in Indonesia, Batam becomes people’s intention to visit. Many people from cities in Indonesia come to batam every months. From all the visitors who come to batam, more than 80% are fresh graduated who are looking for a job here. Most of them are graduated from Senior High School, Technical High School, Economical High School and the rest are graduated from some universities in Indonesia. I am sure there must be some reasons why they choose batam to find jobs for them.

Through some conversations that I have conducted with some people who come to batam for a new job. I can conclude that the main reason why people come to batam because they have information that it is very easy to find a job in batam. This information they got from their friends who are working in batam. Another reason is, As there are many companies that available in batam, they have many choices which companies and positions they will apply to. These two reasons cause many young people who have graduated from senior high school out side batam always dream that they will find a good job in batam. They even never check whether the information that they hear from their friends is true or not.

In fact, it is not that easy as their friends said to them. From what I have seen so far in Batam, there are many fresh graduated from senior high school come to batam and then try to find a job but finally they fail to find a job and go back to their villages. They really waste their money and time to come here. And most of them realize that it is not easy to find a job in batam after they experienced themselves. It is not only the graduation of Senior high school who fail to find a job in batam, many university graduations are unable to compete with other competitors too. However some qualified people succeed to find a job in batam.

What I am writing here is true. And don’t ever think that I provoke you not to come to this island for a new job. Through this article I would like to give you some steps, What you should prepare before you come to batam and succeed to get a job here. Many people fail to get a job in batam because they don’t have any skills. Certificates from schools are not enough when you apply for a new job in Batam. If you are from Senior High School, you should be able to operate computer well. Besides, knowing English language is a good point for you as English is an international language which is always used in many companies in Batam. For you who graduated from Technical High School, you must master the major that you studied. If your major is electricity, you must know about electricity well or if your major is electronic, you should be able to master this field. So when you are interviewed and asked some questions about electricity and electronic, you can answer all the questions well.

So for you guys who want to look for a job in Batam, there are some steps I suggest you to do before you come here and apply for a job. The first step is; you must prepare yourself with as many skills as possible. The second step is; you should be able to operate computer well and if it is possible Internet basics are important to learn. The third step is; you must be able to speak English, at least you can conduct a daily conversation. As these are general requirements for any vacancies in Batam.The next step is; Before you come to batam, please make sure that you have relatives to accompany you wherever you go in batam. This is very important for you because you have a guide as long as you stay here, and you can also save your money. The fifth step is; Bring all important documents, such as your identity card, courses certificate, and your diploma from primary and secondary school. The last step is; you should bring enough money. Because when you are applying for a new job, you will spend some money for transportation charges.

In conclusion, it is true that there are many companies available in batam island, and there are also many job vacancies that are offered by the companies here. However it is not true that finding a new job is an easy thing to do here. You must prepare yourself with many skills before you can succeed to get a job here. There are also many steps that you should prepare as I mentioned above. Once again that I have to insist you that only qualified applicants will succeed to get a good job here. So guys, If you follow the steps well, I am sure you will find a good job here. However if you still have not found a job here while you have fulfilled all the steps above, you may call or email me, I will help you find a job here. Good Luck Guys …...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twilight Time in Melayu Beach (Pantai Melayu)

Melayu Beach (Pantai Melayu) becomes one of famous beaches that available in Batam nowadays. There are many people come to this beach to spend their weekend time. There are some reasons why batam citizen or some foreigners come to visit this beautiful beach especially on Saturday and Sunday. The first reason is because the location of this beach is not too far from the Central City of Batam. The Second reason is because Melayu beach is very beautiful. This beach has white sands with a great sea view. Some more, the seawater is clean enough. That is why many people come to this beach only for swimming. The third reason is; this place is a good place to see the view of Twilight time. If a few years ago, people used to go to Melur Beach (Pantai Melur) to spend their weekend time, it is a bit different now, people prefer to choose Melayu Beach rather than Melur Beach. One of the reason is because the location of Melayu Beach is nearer than Melur Beach.

Melayu Beach is located in Rempang Island. It will take around 30 minutes from Tembesi intersection (Simpang Tembesi). So after passing the tembesi intersection heading to Barelang Bridge (the first bridge you may find) there is only one way you may follow towards this beach. It will take 20 minutes by car or motor bikes after you have passed the fourth bridge. Before you are allowed to enter this beach, there will be some people wait for you at the entrance. To enter the location of Melayu beach you need to pay them. The charge for 1 person is Rp. 2000, and a motor bike is charged Rp. 2000. Meanwhile a car is charged Rp. 5000. The charges sometimes can be negotiated, if we are in groups, the charge will be cheaper. It depends on how good you can bargain with them.

There are some facilities provided by the local citizen for the visitors to use, such as a mini house (without any walls) to prevent the visitors from the shine shines. The second facility is an inner tube (Ban Dalam). This inner tube is used by people to keep them float in the water. The third facility is a foot-ball. This foot-ball is usually rented by teenagers who want to play soccer in the beach. The last facilities is a floormat. The visitors who don’t want to sit on the sands, they rent a floormat to be used while they stay there. For your info, all of these facilities are not free of charge. If you want to use these facilities you have to pay. If you want to use a mini house, you need to pay Rp. 30000. There is no limit time when you use this mini house. So when you have booked this mini house, you can use it until you leave that location. The inner tube is rented for Rp. 10,000. Meanwhile the foot-ball is rented for Rp. 15,000 until you finish using it. It is also important to inform you that there are many small shops also near the beach, so if the visitors want to buy food and drinks they can buy them from the shops. And for your information, most of the owner of the shops do not live in that area, but they live in Panjang Island (Pulau Panjang). It is about 30 minutes by boat if you want to reach this island.

When my family and I came to this melayu beach, there were many people swam in the beach. I could see that many children played around with their parents in the white sands. And some teenagers played football along the beach. They all looked so happy to spend their time there. We stayed in Melayu Beach until 7pm, so we could enjoy the twilight time there. I also took some photos while the twilight came out at that time, the sky looked so beautiful. We went home at 7pm and there were still many people gathered in Melayu beach, and some were still swimming in the beach and i was not sure whether they wanted to stay over night there or not.

So it is obvious now that Melayu Beach becomes one of batam citizen favourite places to visit. Most of the visitors who come to this beach take this beach as a place to swim. And some people come to this beach intentionally to enjoy the twilight time. If you are curious about the twilight time in Melayu Beach, just come to this beach and experience it by yourself.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Employees Transportation in Batam

There is no doubt that Batam Island is known as an industrial city in Indonesia. Many investors from many countries come to this scorpion island to invest their money in many industries in Batam. Some investors come from Japan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, hongkong and united states. As there are many companies in batam, the need of employees to work in the companies become higher. For some companies, they recruit employees from other cities out side batam island, such as Jogjakarta, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Siantar and many more. And the other companies still recruit the local employees who stay in Batam Island.

Some employees who have been recruited to work in companies in batam from other cities out side batam are usually provided a place to stay. And a dormitory which is located inside the Muka Kuning area is the only one choice to keep the employees stay near with the companies where they work. The Dormitory is rented by the management of some companies in batam to be used by the employees to stay. And for some employees who don’t stay in a dormitory, they usually rent a house or a room in Some areas in Batam, such as Batu Aji, Tembesi, Tanjung Piayu, GMP, Sekupang, Tiban, Bengkong, Batam Centre, Kabil, Batu Besar and Nongsa.

For employees who stay in Dormitory Muka Kuning, there are two kinds of transportation they may use. The first transportation is Trans Kib. This Trans Kib is only aimed for all employees who stay in Muka Kuning Area. Therefore this bus is unable to take passengers from out side Muka Kuning Area. The word "KIB" here means Kawasan Industri Batam or we call it "Batam Industry area" in english. The second transportation is Ojek. Ojek is a motor bike transportation that is usually used by the employees when they are in a hurry. Because this ojek can run faster than the trans Kib. If trans Kib can take many passengers, Ojek is only able to take one passenger. But the charge of this transportation is higher than trans Kib.

Employees who don’t stay in dormitory, they have some choices to go to the companies where they work. The first choice is by Metro Trans. There are two types of Metro Trans, namely; Carry and Mini Bus. These busses are general transportation in Batam. There are two types of payment they can make from these transportations. The first one is, the employees pay anytime they use the service. And the second payment is, the employees pay monthly. For this case, Some employees rent a "Carry" and "Mini Bus" to take them to their company, and after they finish working, these two transportations also bring them back to their houses. There should be an agreement between the employees and the owner of the transportations before that thing can be done. The other transportation is big busses. There are many big busses which are used by the employees in batam to send them to the company and bring them back to their houses. For these big busses, the employees usually pay monthly. And same like the "Carry" and "Mini Bus", before the employees can use this service, there must be an agreement between the owner of these big busses and employees, such as, how much money the employees should pay per month, where should the employees wait for the bus everyday, How if the bus get problem on the way in picking up the employees, and many more points that employees and the driver should have agreed before they make a deal. By the way, there are some companies rent these big busses to take and send the employees to their houses. So the companies will pay monthly to the owner of the busses. And for some employees who have good position in their companies, they usually use companies car as their transportation. The driver of the car will pick them up from their houses to companies, and when they finish working, the driver will send them back to their houses. The last transportation is a cab. The employees also can use a cab to reach their companies. But when they use this transportation, they will spend extra money because the charge of this cab is more expensive compared with the other transportations.

In short, there are so many transportations which are used by the employees in Batam. The transportations are: Trans Kib, Ojek, Carry, Mini Bus, Big Bus, Company bus and cab. For employees who stay in Muka Kuning Area, they only use two kinds of transportations, namely; Trans Kib and Ojek. Meanwhile for employees who don’t stay in dormitory muka kuning, they may use, Carry, Mini Bus, Big Bus, Cab and ojek. And for some employees who have good position in their companies, they usually use their company bus.