Monday, May 11, 2009

Find cheap electronic stuffs in Batam

Do you like collecting handphone from many types? Or do you like changing your handphone, pda, blackberry, laptop, vcd, dvd, television if new brands of those electronic stuffs come out. If you do, then I am sure that you need this article to guide you to get those electronic stuffs in Batam. Many people out side batam have known that the electronic stuffs which are offered in batam are cheaper than in their places/towns. Although the difference is not a lot, but they prefer buying those electronic stuffs in batam to their places. There are many places or electronic shops you can visit when you are going to buy electronic stuffs in Batam. Some of them are: Lucky Plaza, Samarinda, Nagoya Hill, Mega Mall, Dc Mall, Batam City Square (BCS) and many more.

Well, I have mentioned some of electronic shops you can visit in Batam above. And I guess I just explain some of them here. The first Place that you have to visit is Lucky Plaza. This plaza is located exactly in Nagoya and it is just nearby Formosa Hotel. For Batam Citizen, this lucky plaza is very famous because of the electronic stuffs such as Handphone, blackberry, and pda that are offering there. So, many batam citizen go to this plaza when they want to buy those stuffs. There are many tenants inside the plaza that are offering electronic stuffs to customers with low price. If you are looking for handphone, pda or blackberry, you just come to this plaza, you have many choices to buy those stuffs as the price offered by the sellers there different one to another. For instance, For Handphone type Nokia E90 Communicator if the price offered in shop A is Rp 7,200,000, the price offered in shop B could be Rp. 7,000,000 or less than it. It depends on how good you can chaffer the stuffs. If you don’t like buying the stuffs from Shop A, you can go to Shop B, C or D. because of so many electronic shops available in the plaza, I even cannot count them all. So just come to lucky plaza, and prove it by yourself. There are two types of electronic stuffs that they sell in Lucky Plaza. The first type is Original Stuffs, and the second one is Black Market Stuffs. The Black Market stuffs are usually cheaper than the Original Stuffs. But don’t worry, not only Original stuffs that have guarantee, but the black market stuffs are also under Shop Guarantee for at least one month.

The next place to visit for buying electronic stuffs with low price is Samarinda. This place is located between Nagoya and jodoh. It is just beside the Top 100 and Ramayana mall. If you are only able to find Handphone, pda, and blackberry in Lucky plaza, but in this place, you may find another electronic stuffs, such as Television, dvd, vcd, Tape recorder, active speakers and many more. The price for all of the electronic stuffs which are offered in this place quite cheap. That is why, many people come to this place, when they are looking for those electronic stuffs mentioned above. Same like Lucky Plaza, inside the Samarinda there are available many shops that enables you to choose your desired stuff with lowest price.

Another places that you should visit are Nagoya Hill Mall, Mega Mall, Dc Mall, and Bcs. These four places are considered to be big malls in Batam. These malls also offer many electronic stuffs with low prices too. And they usually give 1 to 2 years guarantee of the offering stuffs. But from this four malls, I guess Nagoya Hill Mall is the favourite of batam citizen when they want to buy electronics stuffs from Mall.

In Short, low price of electronic stuffs offered by the sellers in batam really can attrack people from other places to come to this island only to get those stuffs. Many shops that sell electronic stuffs make people have many choices to buy the stuffs with low prices. So if you are interested in buying electronic stuffs with low price, just come to Batam.


Si Maria. said...

Artikelnya Maria seneng ini Bang, HP Batam emang murah2. Gimana ama harga notebook ya...???

Rimmeld said...

Thanks Sis Maria, kalo harga notebook, batam masih lebih murah dari kota lain kok :)

shaxter said...

will it be cheaper comparing notebooks price in batam to singapore?

Solavei said...

I think the place is just great to shop for cheap stuffs!