Sunday, May 17, 2009

Employees Transportation in Batam

There is no doubt that Batam Island is known as an industrial city in Indonesia. Many investors from many countries come to this scorpion island to invest their money in many industries in Batam. Some investors come from Japan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, hongkong and united states. As there are many companies in batam, the need of employees to work in the companies become higher. For some companies, they recruit employees from other cities out side batam island, such as Jogjakarta, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Siantar and many more. And the other companies still recruit the local employees who stay in Batam Island.

Some employees who have been recruited to work in companies in batam from other cities out side batam are usually provided a place to stay. And a dormitory which is located inside the Muka Kuning area is the only one choice to keep the employees stay near with the companies where they work. The Dormitory is rented by the management of some companies in batam to be used by the employees to stay. And for some employees who don’t stay in a dormitory, they usually rent a house or a room in Some areas in Batam, such as Batu Aji, Tembesi, Tanjung Piayu, GMP, Sekupang, Tiban, Bengkong, Batam Centre, Kabil, Batu Besar and Nongsa.

For employees who stay in Dormitory Muka Kuning, there are two kinds of transportation they may use. The first transportation is Trans Kib. This Trans Kib is only aimed for all employees who stay in Muka Kuning Area. Therefore this bus is unable to take passengers from out side Muka Kuning Area. The word "KIB" here means Kawasan Industri Batam or we call it "Batam Industry area" in english. The second transportation is Ojek. Ojek is a motor bike transportation that is usually used by the employees when they are in a hurry. Because this ojek can run faster than the trans Kib. If trans Kib can take many passengers, Ojek is only able to take one passenger. But the charge of this transportation is higher than trans Kib.

Employees who don’t stay in dormitory, they have some choices to go to the companies where they work. The first choice is by Metro Trans. There are two types of Metro Trans, namely; Carry and Mini Bus. These busses are general transportation in Batam. There are two types of payment they can make from these transportations. The first one is, the employees pay anytime they use the service. And the second payment is, the employees pay monthly. For this case, Some employees rent a "Carry" and "Mini Bus" to take them to their company, and after they finish working, these two transportations also bring them back to their houses. There should be an agreement between the employees and the owner of the transportations before that thing can be done. The other transportation is big busses. There are many big busses which are used by the employees in batam to send them to the company and bring them back to their houses. For these big busses, the employees usually pay monthly. And same like the "Carry" and "Mini Bus", before the employees can use this service, there must be an agreement between the owner of these big busses and employees, such as, how much money the employees should pay per month, where should the employees wait for the bus everyday, How if the bus get problem on the way in picking up the employees, and many more points that employees and the driver should have agreed before they make a deal. By the way, there are some companies rent these big busses to take and send the employees to their houses. So the companies will pay monthly to the owner of the busses. And for some employees who have good position in their companies, they usually use companies car as their transportation. The driver of the car will pick them up from their houses to companies, and when they finish working, the driver will send them back to their houses. The last transportation is a cab. The employees also can use a cab to reach their companies. But when they use this transportation, they will spend extra money because the charge of this cab is more expensive compared with the other transportations.

In short, there are so many transportations which are used by the employees in Batam. The transportations are: Trans Kib, Ojek, Carry, Mini Bus, Big Bus, Company bus and cab. For employees who stay in Muka Kuning Area, they only use two kinds of transportations, namely; Trans Kib and Ojek. Meanwhile for employees who don’t stay in dormitory muka kuning, they may use, Carry, Mini Bus, Big Bus, Cab and ojek. And for some employees who have good position in their companies, they usually use their company bus.


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busses said...

This is one is a good chance for Batam to be more proud of its uniqueness. What a ride there for its employees. Usually when you think of busses you think of the bright yellow ones that you used to be forced to ride on the way to school but not anymore. Although busses are still primarily focused on bringing transportation to a large number of people at a time, they are now shifting their attention to building busses made for luxury and style. They are comfortable and fun to ride and drive.

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