Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can Batam become the Second Bali in Indonesia?

If you see the title above, you probably get confused about it. I choose this topic because I would like to compare between Batam and Bali Island. Besides, there is a hope in my mind that Batam will become the second Bali in the future. If we talk about Bali, I guess all of you know about this Island. And it is not only you, even westerners know this island very well. And for some foreigners, they know Bali better than Indonesia. It is a bit funny, isn’t it? But that is the right fact. Some westerners don’t know that Bali is located in one of provinces in Indonesia.

Bali is known by many westerners all over the world because of it’s beauty. There are so many interesting places that we may find there such as Kuta Beach (Pantai Kuta), Dreamland Beach (Pantai Dreamland), Lovina Beach (Pantai Lovina), Sanur Beach (Pantai Sanur), Tanah Lot, Bedugul, Kintamani, and many more. Beside that we also can find so many famous hotels and resorts with standard international services such as Kuta Sea View Cottage, Ramada Bintang Bali Resort, Ramada Resort Benoa, Parigata Resort, Sanur Beach Hotel, Barong Resort and many more. Those hotels and resorts are located at different areas near some interesting places I mentioned above.

If we compare Bali from Batam, they are actually not far in difference. If Bali has so many famous hotels and resorts that can attract westerners to visit that place, batam also has some great hotels and resorts, such as Planet Holiday Hotel, Good Way Hotel, Harmony Hotel, Novotel Hotel, Nagoya Plaza Hotel, I Hotel, Batam View Hotel, Pacific Palace, and Harris Hotel, All the famous hotels can be seen from my previous post titled: Hotels in Batam. And some of famous Resorts that available in batam are: Turi Beach Resort, Nongsa Point Resort, KTM Resort and Sijori Resort.

In Batam, you also may see some interesting places to visit, such as Sekilak Beach (Pantai Sekilak), Kampung Melayu Beach (Pantai Kampung Melayu), Melur Beach (Pantai Melur), Camp Vietnam, Barelang Bridge (Jembatan Barelang). Although these places are not as famous as what we can see I Bali, but I think these interesting places also can attract foreigners to come to Batam. The problem is, how to make these interesting places become better and finally people will say that these places are as nice as like what we can see in Bali. In my opinion, if Batam City Government and Batam Tourism Department take this case seriously I am sure that Tourism in Batam can be more famous. And there will be more foreigners come to visit batam to see the places.

In Short, It is important for Batam City Government and Batam Tourism Department to do some improvements in Tourism field in order to make all the interesting places in Batam become more famous. The more interesting places they offer, the more foreigners they get to come to this island. For me, If we are trying hard to make some improvements in tourism field, I am sure Batam Island will be as famous as Bali in the field of tourism. And there will be many westerners come to this island to visit all the interesting places that we offer them. Finally, we will be ready to Say: Welcome to Visit Batam 2010 !!!