Saturday, May 23, 2009

Looking for a job in Batam? Think Twice Guys .....

As one of industrial cities in Indonesia, Batam becomes people’s intention to visit. Many people from cities in Indonesia come to batam every months. From all the visitors who come to batam, more than 80% are fresh graduated who are looking for a job here. Most of them are graduated from Senior High School, Technical High School, Economical High School and the rest are graduated from some universities in Indonesia. I am sure there must be some reasons why they choose batam to find jobs for them.

Through some conversations that I have conducted with some people who come to batam for a new job. I can conclude that the main reason why people come to batam because they have information that it is very easy to find a job in batam. This information they got from their friends who are working in batam. Another reason is, As there are many companies that available in batam, they have many choices which companies and positions they will apply to. These two reasons cause many young people who have graduated from senior high school out side batam always dream that they will find a good job in batam. They even never check whether the information that they hear from their friends is true or not.

In fact, it is not that easy as their friends said to them. From what I have seen so far in Batam, there are many fresh graduated from senior high school come to batam and then try to find a job but finally they fail to find a job and go back to their villages. They really waste their money and time to come here. And most of them realize that it is not easy to find a job in batam after they experienced themselves. It is not only the graduation of Senior high school who fail to find a job in batam, many university graduations are unable to compete with other competitors too. However some qualified people succeed to find a job in batam.

What I am writing here is true. And don’t ever think that I provoke you not to come to this island for a new job. Through this article I would like to give you some steps, What you should prepare before you come to batam and succeed to get a job here. Many people fail to get a job in batam because they don’t have any skills. Certificates from schools are not enough when you apply for a new job in Batam. If you are from Senior High School, you should be able to operate computer well. Besides, knowing English language is a good point for you as English is an international language which is always used in many companies in Batam. For you who graduated from Technical High School, you must master the major that you studied. If your major is electricity, you must know about electricity well or if your major is electronic, you should be able to master this field. So when you are interviewed and asked some questions about electricity and electronic, you can answer all the questions well.

So for you guys who want to look for a job in Batam, there are some steps I suggest you to do before you come here and apply for a job. The first step is; you must prepare yourself with as many skills as possible. The second step is; you should be able to operate computer well and if it is possible Internet basics are important to learn. The third step is; you must be able to speak English, at least you can conduct a daily conversation. As these are general requirements for any vacancies in Batam.The next step is; Before you come to batam, please make sure that you have relatives to accompany you wherever you go in batam. This is very important for you because you have a guide as long as you stay here, and you can also save your money. The fifth step is; Bring all important documents, such as your identity card, courses certificate, and your diploma from primary and secondary school. The last step is; you should bring enough money. Because when you are applying for a new job, you will spend some money for transportation charges.

In conclusion, it is true that there are many companies available in batam island, and there are also many job vacancies that are offered by the companies here. However it is not true that finding a new job is an easy thing to do here. You must prepare yourself with many skills before you can succeed to get a job here. There are also many steps that you should prepare as I mentioned above. Once again that I have to insist you that only qualified applicants will succeed to get a good job here. So guys, If you follow the steps well, I am sure you will find a good job here. However if you still have not found a job here while you have fulfilled all the steps above, you may call or email me, I will help you find a job here. Good Luck Guys …...


haitsam shiddiq said...

that's right. many people thought that live in batam is fun. actually that's very difficult to find the job. nice share for you.

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