Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twilight Time in Melayu Beach (Pantai Melayu)

Melayu Beach (Pantai Melayu) becomes one of famous beaches that available in Batam nowadays. There are many people come to this beach to spend their weekend time. There are some reasons why batam citizen or some foreigners come to visit this beautiful beach especially on Saturday and Sunday. The first reason is because the location of this beach is not too far from the Central City of Batam. The Second reason is because Melayu beach is very beautiful. This beach has white sands with a great sea view. Some more, the seawater is clean enough. That is why many people come to this beach only for swimming. The third reason is; this place is a good place to see the view of Twilight time. If a few years ago, people used to go to Melur Beach (Pantai Melur) to spend their weekend time, it is a bit different now, people prefer to choose Melayu Beach rather than Melur Beach. One of the reason is because the location of Melayu Beach is nearer than Melur Beach.

Melayu Beach is located in Rempang Island. It will take around 30 minutes from Tembesi intersection (Simpang Tembesi). So after passing the tembesi intersection heading to Barelang Bridge (the first bridge you may find) there is only one way you may follow towards this beach. It will take 20 minutes by car or motor bikes after you have passed the fourth bridge. Before you are allowed to enter this beach, there will be some people wait for you at the entrance. To enter the location of Melayu beach you need to pay them. The charge for 1 person is Rp. 2000, and a motor bike is charged Rp. 2000. Meanwhile a car is charged Rp. 5000. The charges sometimes can be negotiated, if we are in groups, the charge will be cheaper. It depends on how good you can bargain with them.

There are some facilities provided by the local citizen for the visitors to use, such as a mini house (without any walls) to prevent the visitors from the shine shines. The second facility is an inner tube (Ban Dalam). This inner tube is used by people to keep them float in the water. The third facility is a foot-ball. This foot-ball is usually rented by teenagers who want to play soccer in the beach. The last facilities is a floormat. The visitors who don’t want to sit on the sands, they rent a floormat to be used while they stay there. For your info, all of these facilities are not free of charge. If you want to use these facilities you have to pay. If you want to use a mini house, you need to pay Rp. 30000. There is no limit time when you use this mini house. So when you have booked this mini house, you can use it until you leave that location. The inner tube is rented for Rp. 10,000. Meanwhile the foot-ball is rented for Rp. 15,000 until you finish using it. It is also important to inform you that there are many small shops also near the beach, so if the visitors want to buy food and drinks they can buy them from the shops. And for your information, most of the owner of the shops do not live in that area, but they live in Panjang Island (Pulau Panjang). It is about 30 minutes by boat if you want to reach this island.

When my family and I came to this melayu beach, there were many people swam in the beach. I could see that many children played around with their parents in the white sands. And some teenagers played football along the beach. They all looked so happy to spend their time there. We stayed in Melayu Beach until 7pm, so we could enjoy the twilight time there. I also took some photos while the twilight came out at that time, the sky looked so beautiful. We went home at 7pm and there were still many people gathered in Melayu beach, and some were still swimming in the beach and i was not sure whether they wanted to stay over night there or not.

So it is obvious now that Melayu Beach becomes one of batam citizen favourite places to visit. Most of the visitors who come to this beach take this beach as a place to swim. And some people come to this beach intentionally to enjoy the twilight time. If you are curious about the twilight time in Melayu Beach, just come to this beach and experience it by yourself.


Si Maria. said...

Wow, it is so a beautiful panorama. I never to stay until 6 pm there.

Semangat buat ngeblog, Bang...!!!

Rimmeld said...

Kapan kapan keluarga sis sama keluarga ku jalan ke sana bareng yuk sampai jam 7 malem ;)) sambil bakar jagung and minum kelapa muda, pasti asik itu :D