Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shipping your vehicles to Batam Island by Ferry Roro

Ferry Roro is not a new thing for people who live in Bintan Island. Roro itself stands for Roll in Roll out. People from Tanjung Pinang, Lobam, Lagoi, Tanjung Uban who usually go to batam and bring their vehicles use this ferry roro as a sea transportation. However, ferry roro becomes their choice when they are planning to go to Batam Island and bring their vehicles along with them nowadays. The service of this ferry has been improved very well recently. If a few years ago, the arrival and departure schedule from batam to tanjung uban or from tanjung uban to batam was only twice in a week, it has been changed a lot now. The new arrival and departure schedule is twice in a day so not twice in a week anymore. The first departure schedule from tanjung uban to batam is at 8am, and the second departure schedule is 1pm. While the first arrival schedule of the ferry roro from Batam to Tanjung Uban is at 11am and and the second arrival schedule is 2pm. While the first departure schedule from Batam to Tanjung Uban is at 10am and the second departure schedule is at 4pm. And the first arrival schedule from Tanjung Uban to Batam is at 9am, and the second arrival schedule is 2pm.

Many people from Tanjung pinang, lobam, lagoi and Tanjung Uban come to batam for business and they bring their cars or motor bikes as their vehicles in Batam. Before the presence of Ferry Roro in Batam, they were unable to bring their cars or motor bikes to Batam. So if they wanted to go to batam, they used to use a boat to reach Telaga Punggur Sea Port. Then they would use a cab to bring them to Nagoya or other places they want to visit. Therefore, the presence of this Ferry roro makes their dreams come true. Because they always wait this sea transportation to enable them to bring their cars and motor bikes along with them to Batam. The same thing also happens to Batam citizen. The presence of this ferry enables batam citizen to go to bintan island with their families and bring their cars and motor bikes to be used there.

The presence and the new departure and arrival schedule of this ferry roro in Batam also makes some motor bikers happy. There must be some reasons why they are happy. The first reason is, they are now able to do a touring from Batam to Bintan Island anytime they want because the departure and arrival schedule time of this ferry roro is twice in a day, so the bikers can arrange the time following that schedule. The second reason is, they don’t need to spend a lot of money to ship their motor cycle to Tanjung Uban as what they did in a few years ago. The third reason is, they don’t need to take many days when they do touring to Bintan. If four years ago they used to take 4 days when they did a touring from Batam to Bintan Island, it was because the departure schedule from Batam to Tanjung Uban and From Tanjung Uban to Batam was only twice in a week. So they needed four days only to wait for the ferry to bring them back to Batam.

For you guys who want to use this ferry roro, you must buy a ticket first before you are allowed to enter it. The ticket can be bought from some ticket counters that available near the Telaga Punggur Sea Port. The price of the ticket for an adult is Rp. 14,500, children Rp. 11,500. Motor bike Rp. 24,000 Car Rp. 173,500, and truck Rp. 272,500 plus the driver (For truck only). Those prices only for one way. All people who use this transportation together with their vehicles are protected by insurance of Jasa Raharja. So if anything happens to all passengers and their vehicles, the insurance of Jasa Raharja will be the one who takes responsibility of it.

Finally, the presence and the new schedule of this Ferry Roro in batam and tanjung uban makes people happy and enable them to bring their vehicles from batam to bintan island, and from bintan to batam island. If you are from Bintan Island and plan to go to batam with this ferry roro, you should go to Tanjung Uban, because this ferry sea port in bintan island is in Tanjung Uban. Then from Tanjung Uban this ferry will take you to Telaga Punggur Batam sea port. And for you guys who are from Batam island and plan to go to Tanjung Pinang, Lobam, Lagoi or any other places in Bintan with your vehicles, you should go to Telaga Punggur sea port first, the ferry will take you from telaga punggur sea port to Tanjung uban sea port. Then from Tanjung uban you can continue your journey to all places you want to visit by your car or motor bikes. Those information above is based on my own experience when I and my tiger club (Bikers Tiger Batam) went to Bintan Island for a touring and also an interview that I conducted with Mr. Muhammad (one of the ferry roro officer) a few days ago, I hope this information will be useful for you.