Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nidji Shook Ocarina Batam

If you like Indonesian music so much, you should have known Group Band Nidji. Do you know guys? Group Band Nidji had a live performance on Sunday at the best tourism place in Batam which is usually called Mega Wisata Ocarina, Batam Centre. More than a thousand Nidjiholic Batam gathered in this place to see Nidji’s performance. This famous group band arrived at Mega Wisata Ocarina at 9:30pm, and the concert itself was started at 10:00pm. The first song which was sung by Giring was “Hapus Aku”, and while he was singing that song, almost all Nidjiholic followed to sing that song and raised up their hands. Although the ticket’s price was quite expensive, but many nidjiholic still came and saw this live concert.

There were six personnels of this group band, Namely, Giring as vocalist. Ariel (Guitar), Rama (Guitar), Andro (Bass), Adri (Drums), and Randy (Keyboards). Finish singing the song Hapus Aku, Giring then continued to the other song until he sang the song “Hapus Aku” which were followed by all Nidjiholic that came and saw the live concert at that time. Giring sang more than ten songs from Nidji’s album at that night, and he closed his performance with the song “Biarlah”. The concert was supported with the capacity of sound system 140.000 Watt, and Lighting 150,000 Watt. Although the concert was started a bit late, but all Nidjiholic looked very happy and satisfied with Nidji’s performance.

As we have known together that Mega Wisata Ocarina always invites all famous group bands and singers to come and have their performance at this place. Hopefully, this kind of activity will be done continually, so that all batam citizen can be satisfied to see their favourite singer or group bands in batam.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Enjoy the best view of Batam from The Peak Cafe

Guys, have you ever known or visited The Peak Café? If you have ever visited this café, what do you think about the menus there? And how is the view when you have lunch or dinner in that café, it’s very nice, isn’t it? Well guys, for you who haven’t known and visited this café yet, you should try this one. The Peak Café is located in Seraya, If you know Tahu Sumedang Café or Soponta Café, the Peak Café is just beside those Cafes. If you are from Batam Centre, Muka Kuning, Batu Aji, Tiban and Sekupang after you find “jajanan rujak” in Seraya, you will directly see the Peak Café. It’s about 200 meters from jajanan rujak seraya. Frankly i also never visit this cafe before, until Miss ryanes suggested me to try the menus and see the views from this cafe when i invited my friends to have dinner together at this cafe. Thank you so much sis Rayne, i hope we still have time to visit this cafe in the future :)

Besides many menus we can choose in this café, the price of all the menus are reasonable, for examples for all kinds of juice, the price is only Rp. 8000. While to have Ayam Penyet, you only need to spend Rp. 10.000/Porsion. You also can find Lumpia Semarang in this Café, As the owner of this café, Mr. Condro is from Semarang, So he is happy to be able to offers Lumpia Semarang in his Café.

By the way, what is the special Menu in this café? When I asked this question to the servant that served me when I visited this café, she said that almost all the menus are special, because when you orders them, the taste of them are absolutely delicious. Then she asked me to try “Pisang Sambal”. She said that many customers of this café always ask for Pisang Sambal when they visit this café. When I tried the Pisang Sambal, I got surprised, the taste is very good. If you ask me to describe what is the taste of it, I am afraid I could not explain it. Because it is very delicious that makes me out of words to describe it haha. However, I just suggest you to visit this café, and try the Pisang Sambal by yourself hehehe

While you are having your lunch or dinner in this café, you also can enjoy the view of some places in Batam from this café. If you bring your camera along with you to this Café, you also can take some pictures. The view is quite nice here. As the location of this Café is in high place, so it enables the visitors to see the view under this Café. Are you curious about this café? Just come to the Peak Cafe, and you will never regret that you ever come to this café. I also would like to thank to Bro Ismu, Bro Sigit, Bro Uki, Bro Roni, Sis Ryanes, sis Ade Maria, Bro Karso, And Uki's wife for coming to the peak to have dinner together with me.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tribun Batam Motor Community 2009

What would happen if all motor communities in Batam gather in one place? There would be many types of motor cycle will be parked at that place. Besides, there would be hot motor modifications discussion among all bikers that attended the event. And i tell you what? It really happened yesterday. A spectacular event for all Batam Motor Bikers was held on Sunday, June 14, 2009. This event was held by one of famous daily newspapers in Batam, Tribun Batam. There were many Motor Communities from many types of motor bikes took part of this event. Some of the communities were: Bikers Tiger Batam (BTB), Beat Community (Be@Com), Batam Satria FU 150 Community (BSC), Batam Classic, Batam Mio Club (BMC), JVOC, Funky Black, Batam Vision Community, CIBIC and CVT. More than seven hundred bikers gathered in My Mart yard, and a big and interesting stage was also built by the committees of the event.

This Motor Club Community event run very well yesterday. Many sexy dancers, free styles conducted by some free stylists from some motor clubs in batam really could attract all bikers and audience attention. All bikers felt satisfied with this event, and they said that they do hope this event would be held every year. At the end of the event, the committees of the event announced the winners of the Modification Contests. Finally the first winner was from Batam Mio Club (BMC), The second winner was also from BMC, while the third winner was from CIBIC.

The sponsorships of this event were Capella Honda, Poltabes Barelang, U mild, Raja Kopi Nagoya Hill, Bajaj, Leo Utama Motor, Silloutte, Gress Radio, Bundo Kanduang, Semenanjung Tv, and teh botol sosro. And after the event finished, the committees gather in front of the stage to have take some photographs of the event. The writer really hopes that this kind of event will be held continually every year. Bravo to Tribun Batam.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Special Gift From God Through BBC

Guys, you still remember the Batam Blogger Competition, don’t you? Well, the announcement the winners of the competition has been held yesterday, Saturday, June 13, 2009 at the main stage of Batam City Square (BCS) Mall. Hundreds bloggers and visitors gather in BCS Mall to see the event. It’s not only the announcement the winners of the competition, but the Committees would also hold a talk show with very famous guest stars, such as Mr. Ria Saptarika (The Vice Mayor of Batam City Government), 2. Mr. Antyo Rentjoko (The Founder of, 3. Mr. Enda Surya Nasution (The Father of Indonesian Bloggers), and 4. Mr. Hasan Aspahani (The Chief Redaction of Batam Pos Daily Newspaper).

The Talk Show which was leaded by Mr. Ismu Surizan (The Chief committee of this contest) and a dj from Kei Fm Radio Batam was running well. Mr. Ria Saptarika, Mr Antyo Rentjoko, Mr Enda Surya Nasution and Mr Hasan Aspahani have given a brief explanation about The world of Blogging. What are the advantages of blogging and what is the negative and positive effects from Blogging world have been explained clearly by them. There were more than eight questions asked by some batam bloggers members and the audience about Blog, and all the questions also were answered very well by the guest Stars.

And after the talk show time finished, the Chief Committee of this contest, Mr. Ismu Surizan announced all winners of the competition. And guess what? It really surprised me when Mr. Ismu announced that I was chosen as the first Winner of the competition from Category University Student/General. And Mr. Sapto Nugroho Hadi was chosen as the second winner while Mr Qisthon as the third Winner. And from Student Category, Haitsam Shiddiq Siregar was choosen as the first winner, M Haryadi Putra the second winner and finally Tovanio Dian Riswandi was chosen as the third winner.

You know guys what I got from this contest? I mean what’s the prize for the first winner? The BlackBerry Bold is now in My Hand with many vouchers from some famous cafes like Cool Juz and Jablai Café and some educations Centers. I am really sure that the BlackBerry Bold is a gift from God that was given to me through Batam Blogger Community. And for this opportunity, I would like to thank God because of His Blessing I was able to finish this competition well. I also would like to thank to Mr. Ria Saptarika, Mr. Antyo Rentjoko, Mr Enda Surya Nasution and Mr. Hasan Aspahani for the brief explanation about World Blogging and guidances of how to be good bloggers. For all the juries that have worked very hard to read all the articles to choose the winners, Thank you so much Sirs. And I also would like to thank to all committees of this contest; Mr. Ismu Surizan, Mr. Joko Supriyanto who is known as Geblek hehehe, Mr. Dave, Mr. Jon (the owner of CoolJuz Café), Miss Ryane (The most beautiful and friendly girl in Batam Blogger Community ), Mr. Dudi, and Mr. Anthony. Finally I also would like to thank to all batam bloggers, gobatak radio especially Dj Panda, Bro Ronny (Thanks for the camera bro), Bro Sahaposan, Sis Renthauli, Bro Uki, Sis maria, and many more that I could not write their names one by one here, thank you so much for supporting me at this competition. And to my wife Senja Nababan, and my beautiful daughter, Naomi Anggun Shalomita Siregar, thank you so much dear, without your supports and patients, I would not be able to win this competition.