Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nidji Shook Ocarina Batam

If you like Indonesian music so much, you should have known Group Band Nidji. Do you know guys? Group Band Nidji had a live performance on Sunday at the best tourism place in Batam which is usually called Mega Wisata Ocarina, Batam Centre. More than a thousand Nidjiholic Batam gathered in this place to see Nidji’s performance. This famous group band arrived at Mega Wisata Ocarina at 9:30pm, and the concert itself was started at 10:00pm. The first song which was sung by Giring was “Hapus Aku”, and while he was singing that song, almost all Nidjiholic followed to sing that song and raised up their hands. Although the ticket’s price was quite expensive, but many nidjiholic still came and saw this live concert.

There were six personnels of this group band, Namely, Giring as vocalist. Ariel (Guitar), Rama (Guitar), Andro (Bass), Adri (Drums), and Randy (Keyboards). Finish singing the song Hapus Aku, Giring then continued to the other song until he sang the song “Hapus Aku” which were followed by all Nidjiholic that came and saw the live concert at that time. Giring sang more than ten songs from Nidji’s album at that night, and he closed his performance with the song “Biarlah”. The concert was supported with the capacity of sound system 140.000 Watt, and Lighting 150,000 Watt. Although the concert was started a bit late, but all Nidjiholic looked very happy and satisfied with Nidji’s performance.

As we have known together that Mega Wisata Ocarina always invites all famous group bands and singers to come and have their performance at this place. Hopefully, this kind of activity will be done continually, so that all batam citizen can be satisfied to see their favourite singer or group bands in batam.


Si Maria. said...

Enaknya bisa nonton Nidji, aku ke Ocarina itu sorenya sich.

Rimmeld said...

Yah kenapa sorenya sis, kan konsernya malamnya sis :)

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed reading your blog, full of info about batam as a whole rather than just the shopping,spa etc that I am always reading from other blogs ( I'm from Singapore :) ). Would like to know if there are any schools in Batam catered for the special needs children (e.g. autism,down syndrom etc)or what exactly is the path for children with special needs in Batam?