Saturday, June 6, 2009

Obonk Steak, The Cheapest Steak & Ribs in Batam

Do you like eating steak and ribs? Are you looking for delicious and cheap steak and ribs in Batam? Don’t worry guys, I am going to let you know where you can buy and eat steak without spending a lot of money. If you stay in Batam Centre areas, you should have known Obonk Steak. This Café is located in Ruko Citra Batam, Green Land, just near by the housing of Center Point, Batam Center. This Café is very famous in Batam Center. There are many people from many types of ages come to this café to have kinds of steak. It is hard to find an empty table on Saturday and Sunday in Obonk Steak as many people come to this place to have the menu.

It is not only Steak you may find in this café, you also can enjoy many kinds of menus here. Some of the menus in Obonk Steak are: Beaf Crispy, Chicken Crispy, Double Beef Crispy, Double chicken crispy, mixed crispy, sirloin hot plate, tenderloin hot plate, black pepper hot plate, tenderloin pepper hot plate, sirloin mushroom, chicken hot plate, chicken mushroom, chicken cheese, chicken pepper hot plate, oxtongue and many more. You also may drink many kinds of juice in this café. Although there are some steak houses in batam, such as Steak House in Hotel Planet Holiday at the second floor, Teras Cafe in Penuin, just near Island Garden Hotel, City Cafe in Komplek Graha Rezeki, just beside Edukit Batam Center, and Steak House near McDonald Nagoya, but people prefer come to Obonk Steak because besides the taste of the steak is delicious, the price is also reasonable.

So, are you interested in trying the steak and the chicken in Obonk Steak? Come to this place, and prove it by yourself, I am sure once you try the menu, you will come back again to this place in the future. And if you want to come to this place on Saturday or Sunday, you should come early if not, you have to wait for few hours to have an empty table there.


Monxiraptor said...

not only in Batam! Jakarta banyak bgt :D
i love to eat there :D