Monday, June 15, 2009

Tribun Batam Motor Community 2009

What would happen if all motor communities in Batam gather in one place? There would be many types of motor cycle will be parked at that place. Besides, there would be hot motor modifications discussion among all bikers that attended the event. And i tell you what? It really happened yesterday. A spectacular event for all Batam Motor Bikers was held on Sunday, June 14, 2009. This event was held by one of famous daily newspapers in Batam, Tribun Batam. There were many Motor Communities from many types of motor bikes took part of this event. Some of the communities were: Bikers Tiger Batam (BTB), Beat Community (Be@Com), Batam Satria FU 150 Community (BSC), Batam Classic, Batam Mio Club (BMC), JVOC, Funky Black, Batam Vision Community, CIBIC and CVT. More than seven hundred bikers gathered in My Mart yard, and a big and interesting stage was also built by the committees of the event.

This Motor Club Community event run very well yesterday. Many sexy dancers, free styles conducted by some free stylists from some motor clubs in batam really could attract all bikers and audience attention. All bikers felt satisfied with this event, and they said that they do hope this event would be held every year. At the end of the event, the committees of the event announced the winners of the Modification Contests. Finally the first winner was from Batam Mio Club (BMC), The second winner was also from BMC, while the third winner was from CIBIC.

The sponsorships of this event were Capella Honda, Poltabes Barelang, U mild, Raja Kopi Nagoya Hill, Bajaj, Leo Utama Motor, Silloutte, Gress Radio, Bundo Kanduang, Semenanjung Tv, and teh botol sosro. And after the event finished, the committees gather in front of the stage to have take some photographs of the event. The writer really hopes that this kind of event will be held continually every year. Bravo to Tribun Batam.