Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Check your friends’ Status in Yahoo, Available or Invisible

As yahoo provides so many status inside it’s application, such as Available, Invisible to everyone, Busy etc, it might make us confused to check, whether our friend is online or not. It is so obvious that when someone’s status is available, it means that all his contact list can see him/her online. But when someone’s status is invisible, all of his contact list don’t know whether he’s offline or just make the status invisible. It goes without saying that sometimes we set the status to be invisible, probably we don’t want people know that we are online, or we just want to chat with someone. For you guys who want to know the status of your friend, there’s a simple way I let you know to check.

As I said before, it’s so simple, you just go to this link, after that there’s a column with a sentence : Insert The Id Here, What you have to do is, you just click that column then key in your friend’s yahoo id, eg: bagudung27, after that you just press enter or click search. When you press search or press the enter button from your keyboard, the site will load for few seconds, then the result will come just below the Column. At the top, you will see your friends’ id status, then the Smiley, below the Smiley you will see: The Avatar, Add as friend, Send a message, and View profile.

So guys, if you think that your friends are making a joke of you by setting his yahoo status to be invisible to anyone, from now onwards you may check it and drop him/her a message informing her/him that you know he/she actually is online. I’ve tried this by myself, how about you?