Thursday, September 18, 2008

Unlock Yahoo when your account has been locked (81003003)

It goes without saying that when our yahoo id have been locked by Yahoo, we feel so sad, and sometimes angry because we are unable to log in for around 24 hours. And it’s so obvious that our yahoo id is blocked because of there have been so many attempts to login to our yahoo account with incorrect password. So the Yahoo Team will block our account just to prevent unauthorized users from being able to access our account. The lock in your account will expire 24 hours after it was locked. So we can access our account again after 24 hours when the Yahoo Team has unlocked our account.

So guys, if you find this kind of problem in the future, don’t be afraid. What you need to do is refresh your cookie. But you probably get confused how you do it when the yahoo server that you are using has been blocked.

It’s actually so simple, you should find another yahoo server. For your information, yahoo has so many servers all over the world. There are more than 30 servers of yahoo that I know and I will put some of the servers here in my post. What you have to do is to paste one of these servers into your browser and then log in from the page you see. I’ve tried this method for several times, and it really works and how about you? If you think this information is useful for you, don’t hesitate to put comments here. Good luck.

Some Yahoo Servers :

china :

india :

europe and uk :

france canadian :

japan :

Usa :

Yahoo Chat Logins :

Hongkong :

Taiwan :

India :

Japan :

Korea :

Singapore :

Chinese :

China :

Asia :

Australia & Nz :

Denmark :

France :

Germany :

Italy :

Norway :

Spain :

Sweden :

Uk & Ireland :

Argentina :

Brasil :

South Amercia :

Mexico :

Canada : for THE WORLD OF YAHOO....

And if you have tried all the servers above and it still does not work, the last solution is : You Sign into your Yahoo Mail, after that you try to sign in again in yahoo messenger. I am quite sure it will work well.