Thursday, July 30, 2009

Geocities at Yahoo will be closed !!!

Receiving an email from Yahoo that explained Geocities (The free web site building service and community) will be closed make me a bit sad. There must be a reason why I am sad. It is because I have some free webs in this service and I still use those webs for my work. There is no other thing to do except transferring all the files to other free website building service. For your information, The Geocities sites will no longer be available on October 26, 2009. It means that on that day, there will be no one can access all sites in geocities.

For you Guys who still have files inside Geocities, just move all your important files before the given date, otherwise you will miss all the files. Though the geocities service will be closed, but as the customer of this service, i have to say, Thank you so much to Yahoo for providing this free web site so far. Many advantages have been taken from this service. Hopefully yahoo will become better in the future and provide a free website building again, just like Geocities.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spoil yourselves in Mirota Beach (Pesisir Mirota) Batam

Are you confused where to spend your weekend? Getting confused where to go when you are in holiday? Don’t worry guys, you may visit and spend your time to Mirota Beach. Mirota Beach which is known as Pasir Putih or Pesisir Mirota or Pantai Mirota is now well known in Batam Island. If last time many people still never know this beach, but nowadays almost all batam citizen know this beach very well. From what I have seen so far, Mirota Beach is different from other interesting beaches in Batam Island such as Melayu Beach (Pantai Melayu), Sembulang Beach (Pantai Sembulang), Melur Beach (Pantai Melur).

Although the location of Mirota Beach is quite far from Batam Center or Nagoya, but it does not influence people not to come and visit this beach. It is about 53 Km from Batam Center to Mirota Beach, and it takes 55 Km from Nagoya to this place. You may get confused why I said in my post that Mirota Beach is the best place to spoil yourself. From my own experience in this beach, it really can spoil myself and family when we were there. It’s not only my family and I, but all the youth of the Church of Christiant Protestant in Indonesia (Gereja Kristen Protestan Indonesia, GKPI) Ressort Khusus Tanjung Piayu were also satisfied with the services of the management of Mirota Beach.

Well guys, now I would like to let you know why all the visitors of this beach feel satisfied when they visit this beach. The first one is. Mirota Beach has a very interesting beach view. The beach has white sands that enables the visitors to play there and swim in the beach too. Secondly, the management of this beach provide some villas to enable the visitors to stay overnight in this beach. If few months ago, when I came to this beach, there were only 3 villas that available in this beach, but now there are more than 8 villas that you may rent for staying overnight there. There are two types of the Villas, the first type is Standard Villa. If you want to rent this villa, you will be charged for Rp. 300,000 / night. The villa is quite large with one set sofa and 2 sets spring bed and full air conditioner. I bet you that you will feel comfortable when you stay in this villas. The second type is the Small Villa. This villa is smalle than the standard villa. The price of the villa to rent is also cheaper. It is only Rp. 200,000 / night. The small villa only has one set spring bed and full air conditioner, and the back side, there is a small and clean toilet too. And this villa is also full air conditioner. Thirdly, the management of the villa also provides Big size tent for visitors who wish to use the tent to sleep. As many young people like sleeping in the tents, the managements provide many tents to be rented. If you would like to use this tent, you only need to pay Rp. 200,000 / night and don’t worry, all sleeping equipments are provided by the management too.

If you guys just want to visit and enjoy the view of the beach, you are also allowed to enter the location. If you go there by motorcycle, you just need to pay Rp. 5000/Motorbike, if you go there by car you just need to pay Rp. 30,000/car, and if you go there by big bus, you need to pay Rp. 70,000/ bus. If you don't stay in the villas, there is no more charges except the charge at the entrance. Mirota Beach Management also provides parking area to enable the visitors to park their vehicles.
So guys, what are you waiting for? If you are confused where to go, where to spend your weekend, and where to spoil yourself, just come to this beach. I bet you that you will never regret that you ever come and visit Mirota Beach. However, if you want to book the villas, you should book it first before the event date, it is just because many people rent the villas. And for a reservation, you may call Mr. Munir at 0813-722-86396 or 0813-7239-6598.