Thursday, July 30, 2009

Geocities at Yahoo will be closed !!!

Receiving an email from Yahoo that explained Geocities (The free web site building service and community) will be closed make me a bit sad. There must be a reason why I am sad. It is because I have some free webs in this service and I still use those webs for my work. There is no other thing to do except transferring all the files to other free website building service. For your information, The Geocities sites will no longer be available on October 26, 2009. It means that on that day, there will be no one can access all sites in geocities.

For you Guys who still have files inside Geocities, just move all your important files before the given date, otherwise you will miss all the files. Though the geocities service will be closed, but as the customer of this service, i have to say, Thank you so much to Yahoo for providing this free web site so far. Many advantages have been taken from this service. Hopefully yahoo will become better in the future and provide a free website building again, just like Geocities.