Sunday, October 4, 2009


If you have an account in Facebook, you must be familiar with Texas HoldEm Poker Zynga. It goes without saying that over 90% of Face Book users are playing this kind of game. And talking about Poker Zynga, willy-nilly we have to talk about chips. Many players are unable to play this game because they don’t have enough chips in their accounts. Can you imagine if you really want to play poker in zynga but you don’t have any chips inside your account?

Therefore, I am here to give you the solution. I am selling chips poker zynga with low price. All the transactions are secured. The transfer of money can be done in three bank accounts, namely: Bank of BCA, Bank of Mandiri and Bank of NISP. Besides these three bank accounts, you may transfer the fund through Western Union. For all westerners that are interested in buying chips zynga from me are suggested to do the transfer through Western Union, as I only need 5 minutes to withdraw the money, while if you guys transfer the money through the three accounts mentioned above, it will take 3 working days for me to be able to withdraw the money.

The offering Price for Chips Poker Zynga as follow :

For Purchasing under 100 Million = USD 2 / Million = Rp. 10.000 / Million
For Purchasing 100M – 500M = USD 1.5 / Million = Rp. 8500 / Million
For Purchasing above above 500M = USD 1 / Million = Rp. 7500 / Million

The process of transferring chips

After you have transferred the money to my bank account or through Western Union, then I will check money until I can withdraw the money. Once again, if you transfer the money to my bank account, it will take three days to be clear. But if you send the money through Western Union, I only need 5 minutes to withdraw the money. That is why most of my clients from overseas prefer to use Western Union for transaction.

When I check the money is clear, then we can transfer the chips. I am offering you two ways of transferring the chips. The first way is, we find empty table and transfer the chips. The second way is, you just pass me your id and password, then I do the transferring by myself. I guarantee you that your id and password are secured. And to make the process of transferring chips run fast, I suggest you to keep at least 2M in your account.

Bank Accounts :

Account Holder : Rimmeld Anthonius Siregar
Name of Bank : Mandiri
Bank Acct No : 109-00-0976396-2
Facility : Internet and Sms Banking

Account Holder : Rimmeld Anthonius Siregar
Name of Bank : BCA
Bank Acct No : 3403437871
Facility : Internet and Sms Banking

Account Holder : Rimmeld Anthonius Siregar
Name of Bank : NISP
Bank Acct No : 09013086540-6
Facility : Internet and Sms Banking

Handset Number : +62 8192670707
Contact Person : Rimmeld
Yahoo Messenger :
Email :

For western Union, the Identity card (IC) number and my home address will be given from email, yahoo messenger or MSNl. Thank You.