Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Watching Indonesian Tv Channels

You feel bored at the office? You want to watch television program but there’s none tv available at your office? Don’t worry, there is a new way you can take to watch the televison program. Indoweb televison provides us some Indonesian televison channels to be played in it’s website. The are five categories of the channels, they are:

1. General,
There are some tv channels available here, namely: Rcti, Tvone, Indosiar, Transtv, Trans7, DAAI, Antv, Tvri, Tpi, Ctv, Jaktv, Elshinta

2. Fashion : OChannel
3. Kids : Spacetoon
4. Music : Global Tv
5. News : Metro Tv

It’s free of charge to watch those streaming Indonesian tv channels, what you have to do is only to assure that you computer or laptop connected to the internet. And the minimal banwidth that you need to be able to watch those tv channels is 384Kbps only. Besides the Flash Media Player plugin should have been installed in your computer or laptop, otherwise you are unable to watch the programs.

How to Change The Channels ?

Please pay attention to the video below. At the top left side you may see a tab (Channels Tv) Click that tab and there will come out five tabs just below the Channels Tv Tab. The first one is General, Fashion, Kids, Music and the last one is News. Each Tab consists of one channel, except General tab that consist of 12 channels. After you find the desired tab and channel, then you click it, the video will be loading for few seconds and it’s ready to watch.

Source : IndoWeb