Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Please Release Ms Prita Mulyasari from Jail

Have you already heard about the case of Ms Prita Mulyasari? Some of you probably have heard about it, but I am sure, there are some people still haven’t known about her case. Ms Prita Mulyasari is now being jailed because of writing and sending her own experiences when she was taken care in one of famous hospitals in Tangerang, Indonesia through email. The name of the hospital is Omni International Hospital Alam Sutera Tangerang. This is really unacceptable. Sharing experiences is a common thing and it always happens in our daily life. But nowadays, you have to be more careful. This case can be a lesson for us to be more careful in the future.

I still don’t understand why Ms Prita Mulyasari must be jailed while her case is still being proceeded. It shows us as if she is a dangerous criminal who had done a very bad thing in our country and plan to escape from this country. However, we really know that her case is not that serious. It is only about a complaint to one of famous hospitals in indonesia, and it is quite common I guess.

My wife had ever a bad experience in one of famous hospitals in Indonesia. I knew that she suffered a mistreatment from the doctors in the hospital. But I did not say anthying to four specialist doctors who took care of my wife at that time. I was afraid if I made noise, they would not take care of my wife seriously. Though I had to spend a lot of money at that time, I just did it and follow all the intrustions given by the doctors, and Praise God, my wife finally could be recuperated.

Through this article, I would like to invite you all readers, bloggers, or whoever you are to support Ms Prita Mulyasari, and insist the government especially Police Department who is handling this case to release Ms Prita Mulyasari from jail. If you are living in Tangerang, Please support her by attending her case against Omni International Hospital Alam Sutera Tangerang in the Public Court in Tangerang on June 4, 2009. She’s absolutely innocent. Once again, SHE IS ABSOLUTELY INNOCENT !!!

So, Just RELEASE Ms Prita Mulyasari FROM JAIL (Bebaskan Ibu Prita Mulyasari dari Penjara) , If you just let this case happen, i am afraid there will be many pritas stay in jail in this country in the future !!!!

Please inform all of your friends about this and place these banners into your Blog, Website, Friendster, or Face Book PRITA MULYASARI BANNER.