Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Spectacular Event in Batam City Square

It goes without saying that Batam Blogger Community has finished holding a batam blogger competition for this year. And the announcement the winners of the competition will be held on Saturday, June 13 2009. Many bloggers who take part of the competition are curious about the winners of the event. Some bloggers are very confident that they will win the competition, and some more, including me just feel so and so because we just don’t want to hope too much to win the competition as we realize that we only have simple blogs with very simple design inside the blogs. However, the committees of this event have announced to all contestants that they will have a special gift from them, that is a Free Speedy Modem and Internet Connection Installation at home.

Beside announcing the winners of the competition, Batam Blogger Community will also hold a talk show with very famous guest stars such as Mr. Ria Saptarika (The Vice Mayor of Batam City Government), 2. Mr. Antyo Rentjoko (The Founder of, 3. Mr. Enda Surya Nasution (The Father of Indonesian Bloggers), and 4. Mr. Hasan Aspahani (The Chief Redaction of Batam Pos Daily Newspaper). Almost all Batam Bloggers are waiting for this event, therefore I think there will be more than five hundreds batam bloggers will come to join this event. This is the best chance for Batam Bloggers to learn more from the guest stars about blogging world.

This event is not only aimed for Batam Bloggers, but for all Batam Citizens as well. So for you guys, don’t miss this event, Come and bring all your relatives to Batam City Square as many prizes are waiting for you in some quizzes held by the Committees of this event. Especially for Batam Bloggers, Make sure you will attend this gathering otherwise you will regret it for the whole of your life :P

Some Sources and the photo are taken from the official Site of Batam Blogger Community