Friday, May 1, 2009

Turi Beach, One of The Famous Resorts In Batam

Although Batam Island is just a small island in Riau Archipelago, but this island has many famous resorts which are always visited by many foreigners from many countries. One of the famous resorts is Turi Beach Resort. Turi Beach is located in Nongsa. It is about 20 minutes away from Hang Nadim air port by car. This resort is very famous in batam, that is why many foreigners choose this resort to stay. There could be some reasons why this resort become a favourite resort in Batam. Some more, this resort is always booked to hold some important meetings held by the government or famous companies in Batam.

Turi Beach Resort’s management really like spoiling the customers with all facilities that are available in this resort. There are many types of the rooms offered for the guests to stay. And I am sure, all the rooms’ types are equipped with good facilities inside. Besides, the management also provides some Water Sport Facilities such as kayaking, Jet Skiing, Banana Boat, Water Skiing and many more. But don’t get me wrong, those facilities are not free of charges, but you should pay for them before you want to use those facilities.

If you haven’t come to this resort yet, and you are planning to visit this resort, it is important for me to inform you that you must book the resort first before you come to this resort, otherwise you are not allowed to pass the entrance. Or you also may come for a survey to this resort, to make sure that all the facilities given by the management are met with your desires. However before you want to survey the resort, you have to contact the marketing first to arrange the survey time, otherwise you will not have any access to pass the entrance.

From my own experience in this resort, there are so many foreigners stay here, especially for those who come from Philippine, Thailand, United States, and Korea. They usually stay for one to two weeks in the resort. From an interview that I made with a westerner that came from United State, many westerners are fond of staying in this resort is because of some reasons. The first reason is, The resort is very comfortable and all the rooms equipped with good facilities. The second reason is; all the servants that work in this resort are very polite and friendly, and they are willing to help the guests whenever they need their helps. Another reason is, there are many water sports and event facilities provided by the managements, so the guests really can spend their time here to do what sports or events they like to play. And the last reason is, there are many securities that protect the whole area of the resort, it really can make all the guests who stay in this resort feel safer.

Finally, for you guys who are planning to make a visit to this resort, you have to book the resort first so that you are allowed to pass the entrance. And for all of you who want to know more about Turi Beach Resort, you may check all the Rooms, facilities, Events, Reservation and many more at Turi Beach Official Website.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh...jadi kangen ama turi beach nih ito Rimmeld

Rimmeld said...

Kalau kangen ke Turi Beach, main lagi dong ke turi beach itoku yang manis ;)). And kalo main ke Batam, jangan lupa telp telp kita yah, biar kita temanin jalan jalan di batam

Anonymous said...

I admire your effort, bro. I agree that Batam has not far difference with any other interesting places in Indonesia. Actually we have many beautiful places such as Toba, Lombok etc. However, our nature care is not like Balinese one. If we have same vision and care about our heritages, all places will be as interesting as Bali. Your blog is one positive way to introduce and to motivate our care. Great job, bro! (iki.isoku)