Sunday, May 3, 2009

Batam Skateboard Community (BASCOM)

Do you like playing skateboard? Are you confused where to find a Skateboard Community in Batam? Don’t worry guys, for you who like playing skateboard, This information will be useful. There is only one skateboard community that we can find in Batam. The name of the community is Batam Skateboard Community (BASCOM). This community was formed on August 22, 2001. Because of having the same hobbies and other positive activities, they formed the community in MyMart Carnaval Mall. This Skateboard community has 26 members currently. And most of the members are teenagers. However, this community accept the members from any type of ages.

When I came to see this community in Engku Putri Park, Batam Center, there were many people saw their performances. There were around 22 members there playing the skateboard around the park. Some of the beginners tried to do the Ollie style, 180Degree Ollie, Shove it and Kick flip. They tried all those styles several times to make them become familiar with the styles. According to Jacob who is usually called Jaja by his friends and one of a member of this community, these four styles are aimed for beginners. So before they go to further styles, they should master all of these four styles. He added that if beginners do these four styles continually, they will master these styles in three months.

As this is not a new community, there are so many activities they have already done. Some of them are: 1. Held a performance in Sound of Alternativesia 1, 2, 3, 4 in Circle K Nagoya. 2. Held a performance in the program of Attack for Valentine in Center Point Nagoya, and Held a performance in at the program of Bazaar in Sumatera Expo. Beside that, this community ever became one of entrants in Batam Reborn Competition in 2008, and Game of Skate Competition still in 2008. By the way, For your information this community will also show their performance in Changcuter new video clip which will be held on May 5, 2009 in Coastarina Batam Center.

The members of this community usually gather in Engku Putri Park Batam Center everyday, from 5pm until 11pm. This place becomes a favourite place for them to practice because of the location is so strategic. Besides, the condition of the place also supports them to use their skateboards to play. There are many equipments they use while they are playing this sport. Some of them are: Pyramid, Hand Rail and Quarter. All of the equipments they made by themselves. For Skateboard, they usually buy it from Singapore, Padang (Substance Shop), Jakarta or Bandung. They buy the skateboard in parts, not a complete one. So The board, wheel, Trucks, Bearing, and Raserpad are bought differently. From the information that I get from Mikha, one of the members of this community, to have one skateboard, they usually spend at least Rp. 1,200,000. To become a member of this community is so easy. The main requirement is only having a skate board. So if you have a skate board and want to join this community, you can come to Engku Putri Park, then you can meet them there and register yourself to Dedy, (The Chief of the Community). Or if you want to make a call for collecting some information about this community, you may call Jacob at 0856-6880-5250.

As this community always holds so many positive activities, If I may suggest to the Batam City Government to provide them some good facilities to support this sport so that they can practice and improve their skills in this field well. So that there will be so many Best Skaters we may find in Batam island in the future. So for you guys who are curious about this Skate Board Community, you can come to Engku Putri Park Batam Center, and you will find them playing the skateboard there. And for all of you who want to be a member of this community, make sure that you have already had a skateboard.


Anonymous said...

Hi, aku ga tau kalo ada skateboard community di sana! Keren.. aku juga skateboard. Salam dari Amerika.

Anonymous said...

Aku ga tau kalo ada skateboard community di sana. Keren! Aku juga skateboard. Salam dari Amerika.