Friday, April 17, 2009

My Mart, The Computer Center in Batam

Are you looking for computer or laptop? What computer or laptop are you looking for, new or second hand one? What brands of computer or laptop are you planning to buy? Or are you looking for some spare parts of computer? Don’t be confused, just come to My Mart, the computer center in Batam Center, I guarantee you that you will feel satisfied with the services that given by the computer sellers there.

My mart is located in Batam Center. I am sure if you are batam citizens you should have known this place. My Mart was a very famous shopping center a few years ago. There were so many tenants rented some shops in this building. They sell clothes, computers, foods and drinks, music equipments, ferry and plane tickets and many more. But since there were many new malls built in Batam, My Mart was not able to compete with them that caused many of the tenants move to new other malls.

However, My Mart has changed a lot now. If last time many tenants sold many kinds of product here, now almost 90% of tenants do computers business in My Mart. They sell new and second hand computers and laptop. Many kinds of new computer and laptop brands are offered here. Besides, we also can buy computers or laptop spare parts here. It is true that My Mart is not the only one place where you can buy computer or laptop. There are some other places that also offers computer or laptop, such as Nagoya Hill, Dc Mall, Panbil Mall. But from all of them, many people prefer to go to My Mart for buying new computer or laptop. For Internet Cafe owner in Batam, My Mart becomes a favorite place to visit when they need to buy new computers or laptop or other equipments.

There are some reasons why people come to My Mart to buy new or second hand computer or laptop and others spare parts.. The first reason is because there are many brands of new computers and laptop offered by the sellers. The second reason is the price. Most of the computer sellers in My Mart give reasonable prices to the buyers. The last reason is because of almost all brands of the computers or laptop are available here, so all the buyers can easily find the computer or laptop they want to buy.

In Short, there is one computer center available in batam that offers many new or second hand computer and laptop. The name of the place is My Mart. Many computer sellers offer competitive prices in this place. If you want to buy computers or laptops in a large quantity, i think this is the place you need to visit as many discounts are offered when you buy them in a large quantity. I always come and buy some computers from My Mart, how about you?