Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shopping Centers in Batam

If we are talking about batam, like or dislike we will talk about the Shopping Centers in Batam. Why do I say so? It’s just because For foreigners especially Singaporean and malaysian, Batam Island becomes the best place to do shopping. The main reason is because Batam is just nearby Singapore and Malaysia. Everybody knows that it only takes around 45 minutes from Singapore to reach Batam by ferry, and around 1 hour 30 minutes from Malaysia. Not only the distance becomes the reason why Singaporean and Malaysian prefer to do shopping in Batam, Low prices also become the second reason why they always come to batam for shopping.

There are some famous and big shopping centers in Batam. And I am sure that all of us who stay in Batam know these Shopping Centers. Let us say Nagoya Hills Shopping Center, BCS, DC Mall, Mega Mall and Panbil Mall. If I don’t mention some shopping centers that are available in Batam here in my post, it does not mean that I don’t like those shopping centers, but it is because I only choose the famous and big Shopping Centers in Batam to discuss.

The First Shopping Center I would like to share with you is Nagoya Hill shopping center. This shopping center is located in Nagoya. It only takes around 2 minutes from Nagoya Hotel Plaza to reach this shopping center. Although this shopping center is quite new, but many people come to do shopping at this place. The strategic area could be the main reason, why people choose this shopping center to do shopping and it’s also the reason why many tenants rents the room at this shopping center. If you haven’t come to this place before, I suggest you to come here. Many things are offered at this shopping center, and the price of the products selling here is also reasonable.

Not far from Nagoya Hill shopping center, there is also a big and unique shopping center in Penuin. The Shopping Center’s name is BCS. BCS itself stands for Batam City Square. The type of the building of this shopping center is so unique. The first time I saw this shopping center, a luxurious impression really came out in my mind. As I said before that this shopping center is located in Penuin, so almost all of the people who stay in Penuin Area choose this shopping center to do shopping. If we go inside the shopping center, we may see so many electronics counters there, especially mobile phone. Many types of mobile phones are offered here, and of course with low prices. If you are curious of this shopping center, you may come and check by yourself. I am sure you will like this shopping center.

Taking around 20 minutes from Batam City Square to Jodoh area, we will find a famous shopping center there. The shopping center is also quite big. People in this area are also fond of this shopping center. The name of this shopping center is DC Mall. The letters “DC” here stand for Diamond City. Different from Batam City Square, most of Diamond City Mall’s tenants offers many types computers to sell. Not only the new computer or laptop are sold there, the second hands computers are also available there. Many people choose this place if they want to buy computer as the price offered by the sellers are quite reasonable. For your information, besides selling computers, many of the tenants also provides reparation service for all electronics stuff, including the computers. So if one of your computer’s component spoils, you may come to this place for reparation.

If we go to Batam Center area, there is one shopping center there that located just nearby Batam Center Sea Port. The name of this shopping center is Mega Mall. Mega Mall becomes famous and always visited by buyers because of some things. The first thing is the strategic location. Especially for Singaporean and Malaysian or all foreigners that just arrive at batam center sea port, they just need two minutes to reach this shopping center. Many of them who have just arrived come to this place to have drinks or meal. After that they go to their hotel, and in the afternoon or evening, they come back again to this place to do shopping. This shopping center also becomes famous for all people in Batam, because many cafes that available at this shopping center provide some wireless internet connection freely that enables people to do all activities that has relationship with internet. But don’t get me wrong, if you enter one of cafes in this area, please make sure you order some drinks or meals, because if you only come to this place and use the service, it is also not fair for the owner of the cafe.

The last shopping center I am going to let you know is Panbil Mall. This shopping center is located at Panbil Area. Panbil area is just nearby Muka Kuning. Panbil Mall is the biggest shopping center at this area. Not only people who stay in in muka kuning come to this place, but many people from other place come to this shopping center to do shopping. Let’s say from Tanjung Piayu, Pancur, Tembesi, and Batu Aji. So no wonder, if you go to this place on Saturday, you surely find so many people inside this shopping center. The owner of this shopping center also applies a secured parking for all cars and motor cycles of the buyers. We only need to pay Rp 500 for motor cycle and Rp. 1000 for car for the service of the secured parking. And don’t worry, your cars and motor bike will be safe at the parking area. So for you who haven’t known this shopping center before, please come and enjoy to shop here.

It is so obvious that there are so many shopping centers in Batam Island, and each shopping center offers different advantages to their tenants. And the tenants also sell different stuffs to the buyers with reasonable prices. But all of the shopping center in batam island give the best service to the buyers, it can be proved by many of the buyers feel comfortable while they are doing shopping in these shopping centers. So if you guys are planning to come here, and confused which shopping centers are you going to visit, just try all the shopping centers, I am sure you will feel satisfied and can enjoy yourself in this city.


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