Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hotels in Batam

Batam Island which is known as one of industrial cities in Indonesia becomes a favorite city for all foreign investors to make some business in this city. There are so many easiness in conducting the business offered by the Government that enables all the investors to expand their business here in Batam. And it is not a secret anymore that there are many expatriate works in Batam. Most of them stay in hotels, and some stay in many houses in Batam. Besides the workers, Batam also becomes one of destination cities for foreigners to do shopping. That’s why sometimes we can see there are so many foreigners come to some plazas or malls in Batam, and they will stay in some Hotels to stay over night. I don’t know exactly, is it because of this reason that some of local investors invest their money in Hotel.

It goes without saying that there are so many hotels available in Batam. Each hotel provides the best service that can attract the guests to come to their hotel. For this chance, I am not going to list all hotels in batam here because I realize that there are more than hundreds hotels here, but I just explain some hotels that I think very famous and always visited by foreigners or local guests who make business in batam. There are some hotels I would like to discuss here, namely: 1. Planet Holiday Hotels, 2. Good Way Hotel, 3. Harmony Hotel, 4. Novotel Hotel, and the last one is Nagoya Plaza Hotel.


The Planet Holiday Hotel is located in Jodoh. It just takes 5 minutes from Nagoya to arrive at this hotel and takes 7 to 10 minutes from Harbour Bay Sea Port. This is one of a well known hotels in batam, and many batam visitors stay in this hotel. Though this hotel is considered to be a new hotel, as it starts the operation in 2003, but the facilities and the services of the hotel can spoil all the guests, that make them to stay there again anytime they come to Batam. The price that’s offered by this hotel is also reasonable. I will not explain all the facilities that offered by this hotel, but If you are interested in this hotel, and planning to stay here, please don’t hesitate to open the Web Site Here PLANET HOLIDAY HOTEL


The Good Way Hotel is located in the centre of Nagoya. This hotel is also famous and has so many guests daily. It just 10 minutes to get this hotel from Harbour Bay Sea Port, and around 30 minutes from Hang Nadim air port. For your information the management of this hotel has just renamed the hotel become Good Way Hotel from Mandarin Hotel. This Hotel offers some easiness in shopping because there are so many shops we can find at this hotel. Besides that from the Hotel we can easily go to restaurant, banks, karaoke and discotheque. If you wan know more about this hotel, you may check the complete information from the Official Website at GOOD WAY HOTEL


Located at the heart of Batam, Nagoya, The Harmony Hotel is one of the best hotels in Batam. Though this hotel ever got fire incidents twice within a year, but most people still like this hotel to stay. There is no reasons to be worried to stay in this hotel, one of my friends from Singapore explained. He told me that he always stays at this hotel anytime he comes to Batam. About the fire accidents that happenned a few years ago, it was just really an accident, he added. Attracting the guests with good services and fasilities make this hotel can compete with other famous hotels in batam. The advantages to stay at this hotel also because this hotel area is closed to some interesting places in Batam, just like Nagoya Shopping Complex, Diamond Mall, Centre Point Mall, and Lucky Plaza. More information about this hotel, including the services and facilites, you may check the Hotel’s Website at HARMONY HOTEL
The Novotel Hotel Batam is located at Jodoh. It’s quite near to Harbour Bay Sea Port, and will take around 15 minutes from Batam Centre Sea Port. If you come from Hand Nadim Air Port, it will take about 25 minutes to arrive to this Hotel. This is a four Stars Hotel with so many pleasant facilities and services. The competitive prices offered by the Hotel also make people always come to stay at this hotel. If you are the one who likes going to discotheque I suggest you to stay at this hotel, as the place of this hotel is very near with the Pasific Discotheque. As we have known together that the Pasific Discotheque is a very famous discotheque in Batam. If you are curious to know about the offering given by the hotels, you may check it completely at the website at NOVOTEL HOTEL BATAM
The Nagoya Plaza Hotel Batam becomes a favorite hotels in Nagoya for some foreigners, especially for Singaporean. The area which is just at the centre of the Nagoya, make people easily get this hotel. From some conversations that I made with some Singaporean, they prefer staying at this hotel because of the strategic place. It is just located at center of the town, so the guests can easily go everywhere they want to go without spending a lot of money for taking cabs. If we want to have lunch or dinner, it is easy to get it out side the restaurant if we really want to have dinner out side the restaurant. This Hotel offers reasonable prices for every type of the rooms, that makes guests choose this Hotel to stay. To know more about this Hotel and to check its facilities, you may check at the Website at NAGOYA PLAZA HOTEL BATAM

As I mentioned before that there are so many hotels available in Batam Island and since I am unable to describe them one by one, I just take some famous hotels to let you guests know. So for all of you, whoever you are, if you are planning to come to Batam Island, and want to know more about hotels in Batam, you may check those websites I mentioned above. I hope the information above can give a short explanation about Hotels in Batam. If you have any questions or find an unclear information at this post, please don't hesitate to send me an email at rimmeld@gmail.com.