Saturday, April 25, 2009

Honda Club Gathering and Fun Rally in Batam

One of the biggest motor bikes main dealers in Batam will have a big event this month. It is Capella Dinamik Nusanatara Company which will hold this interesting program. The Committees name this event “Honda Club Gathering and Fun Rally. This event will be held on Sunday, April 26, 2009. There will be many Honda Motor Clubs in Batam join this big event. One of them is Bikers Tiger Batam (BTB). And not only Honda Motor Clubs are invited to join this event, All customers of Honda in Batam are invited too, especially for those who have “BEAT” Honda Motor Bike type.

One of the intentions of this event is to gather all Honda Motor Clubs in Batam. As the main dealer of Honda in Batam, Capella Dinamik Nusantara Company want to thank them for their help in supporting the main dealer to introduce some new Honda products in Batam island Because of the existence of many Honda Motor Clubs in Batam, many people in batam become interested in buying a new honda motor bike to join the club. Another intention of this even is want to form a new “BEAT” Honda Motor Club. That is why, many of “BEAT” Honda motor bikes type’s customers join this event.

As an appreciation to all of their customers in Batam, The Main Dealer of Honda also provides many prizes through a fantastic lucky draw tomorrow. The committees of this program suggest to all customers that have already registered their names in joining that program to come to this event tomorrow because only the customers that come to this event can win the Lucky Draw. All the invited Honda Motor clubs and customers are suggested to gather in SKS Honda Dealer in Nagoya before 8am. From this place, All the members will make a motor convoy to Kampung Melayu Nongsa escorted by policemen. The routes that will be passed by all the members are: Tanah Longsor Jalan Ali Haji - Jalan Duyung – DC Mall – Top 100 – Raden Patah – Simpang Jam and will be finished at Kampung Melayu Nongsa.

As almost of all batam citizen have a motor bike, so in my opinion, this kind of event is very good to be organized here. And if it is possible not only Main Dealer of Honda motor bike do this event, but other dealers from other producer of Motor Bikes also can do this event, such as Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM, Bajaj, and many more. This event is good to attract the customers to be more loyal to the brand of motor bike they like. Hopefully the event that will be held tomorrow by Capella Dinamik Nusantara Company will run well. And how about you, are you going to join the event?