Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Futsal Center in Ex-Matahari Building in Batam Center

Nowadays, Futsal becomes one of famous sports in Batam. There are many futsal’s arenas we can find in Batam, but for this opportunity, I would like to let you know the Futsal Center in ex-matahari building. This arena is located in Batam Center, just nearby My Mart Building. The sport which is played by 5 players each team is now liked by many people in Batam. This sport becomes a favourite sport especially for teenagers. That is why, if you go to Futsal arena in exs matahari building in Batam Center, you will find many people there playing this sport.

If you really like this sport, you may come to this place to play it with your friends. There are many futsal fields you can find inside the building. And before you are able to play in this arena, you must book the field first, otherwise you will not be allowed to use the field. As many people like playing fustal in this arena, almost all the fields have been booked already. So once again, it is not easy for you to play in this arena, as you must book the field first at least three days before you will use the field. The price for using the field here is also quite cheap if we compare with other futsal arena in Batam.

There are many reasons why people like playing the futsal in this place. The first reason is because this place provides so many futsal fields that enables people to choose which field they want to book for playing this game. So when you want to book the field, the management will offer you some available free fields to choose, but the fields that have been booked by other people will not be given to you anymore and no one is allowed to use the booked fields. The second reason is because the price for renting this field is reasonable. Beside that, if you always use the fields, you probably get some discounts from the management. The last reason is because the facilities of all futsal fields that are available here are very good. The imitation grass is very soft that will not hurt you when you fall down in the field.

There is not only Futsal arena you may find in this ex-matahari building, you also can find billiard arena here. There are some billiard tables offered by the managements to all of the guests. I think this is also one of the reasons, why people like coming here rather than go to other place. When you are thirsty or hungry, you also can find a restaurant that sells complete menu. A parking area is also provided by the management for the customers, unfortunately it is only for motor bikes meanwhile for cars, the customers usually park their cars at the edge of the main road.

It goes without saying that playing futsal now becomes a new hobby for many people in batam. This is one of the sports that can keep our body healthy. It is also obvious that many people choose Futsal arena in ex-Batam Center Building to play the sport. If you really like playing this sport, and you haven’t played it in this field yet, you may come to this place and enjoy yourself to play the sport here. I am sure, you will not regret to play futsal here.