Friday, April 24, 2009

Why Foreigners Should Come to Batam

My writing at this time is only aimed for foreigners all over the world. I choose this topic at my post because I want to give you some information about batam and to challenge you to come to Batam Island. There are many things that make Batam becomes a suitable place for you to visit, Besides for spending your holidays to enjoy all the beautiful views, hotels, resorts, and restaurants, you may also do some businesses in this island. Shopping some new brands from many products offered in some shopping centers in Batam is also another reason why you should come to batam. All of them really can spoil you and can make you stay longer in this small island. There are also many public services built to welcome you to visit Batam. Beside that, some easiness to reach this island also one of attractions for you to come to this scorpion island.

Since Batam Island location is just nearby Singapore, it will make you come to this place easily. There are many ways you may take to reach this island. If you are from Singapore, I suggest you to use ferry to come here. It only takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour to get here. If you are from Malaysia, i advise you to use ferry too to come to Batam. It will take 90 minutes to 2 hours from Malaysia to Batam. There are so many destination sea ports you may choose, Namely: Batam Center International Sea Port, Sekupang Sea Port, Harbour Bay Sea Port, Nongsa Pura Sea Port and the last sea port is Water Front Marina Sea Port. Please have a look at my previous post about International Sea Ports in Batam. . If you are from other Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia countries, i suggest you to come here by plane. If you are from others cities in Indonesia and plan to come to Batam, you may come here by plane, as plane is the fastest transportation to reach this island.

As I said before that there are many things you may see in Batam. Some interesting and luxurious resorts are available here for you to stay, such as: Turi Beach Resort, Nongsa Point Resort, Marina Resort, Harris Resort, Batam View Resort, Sijori Resort, KTM Resort and many more. You may see best sea views from all of the resorts. In some Resort, you also may see the best sun set. All of the resorts have their own restaurants that offer many western menus for the visitors. Beside the Resorst, there are also many International Hotels you may see in Batam. They are: Planet Holiday Hotel, Good Way Hotel, Harmony Hotel, Novotel Hotel, Nagoya Plaza Hotel, Vista Hotel, Harris Hotel, I Hotel, Golden View Hotel, Panorama Regency Hotel, Puri Garden Hotel, and Pacific Palace Hotel. Please look at my previous post about Hotels in Batam. Inside those hotels you also may find big restaurants available with many kinds of interesting menus. You probably think that if you stay in those hotels you will spend a lot of money. Don’t worry, the tariff of those hotels mentioned above are very reasonable. Besides you will also have the best services given by those hotels.

If you are the one who likes doing shopping, Batam is the best place for you. There are many famous Shopping Centers that offer you many kinds of import and local products. Those Shopping Centers are: Nagoya Hill Shopping Center, BCS Shopping Center, DC Mall Shopping Center, Mega Mall Shopping Center and Panbil Mall Shopping Center. Please check my previous post about Shopping Centers in Batam

The advantage to shop here is the price is quite cheap. If you compare the price of some products offered in Batam Shopping Centers from Singapore Shopping Centers, the price is far in different. Almost all of the products price in Singapore are more expensive from Batam. That is why many foreigners that visit Singapore come to batam only for shopping.

In Short, for you guys who stay overseas that haven’t come to Batam Island yet, from now onwards you should consider to come to this beautiful island. I dare to bet you that you will never regret to come to this island because there are so many best places you may find here, and many best views you can see in this island. It is also important for me to let you know an official site about Visit Batam 2010 and I am sure that you may find complete information about batam from this site. So Come to Batam, and Enjoy your holidays here with your friends, and your relatives and other people that you love.