Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sekilak Beach

You probably ever heard about the name of Sekilak Beach. The beach which is located in Batu Besar becomes one of batam citizen tourism destination at the week end. The area of this beach is quite large. This beach is managed by a company, named Sekilak. That is why the name of the beach becomes Sekilak Beach. The Sekilak beach is one of famous beaches in Batam. There are many people come to this beach everyday, especially on saturday and sunday. To enter this beach, every guest only needs to pay for Rp. 6000. This payment includes life and accident insurance as long as the guests are still in this area. So the visitors are suggested to keep the ticket well when they are in Sekilak area, in case any bad things happen to them, the company will give a compensation to the guests as long as they are able to show the ticket.

There are many employees from many companies come to this place for recreation. they usually come to this beach in groups. Sometimes they make some programs in this beach, such as games, singing contest, and barbecue. And If you stay in nagoya, and you are planning to come to this beach, you will take around 40 minutes away to reach this beach by car. And for people who stay in air port area, you will only take about 15 minutes to reach this beautiful beach. as i said before that there are so many people come to this place on saturday and sunday, so if you want to come and plan to make some games here, you must come to this place early otherwise you will not find any places to make games. It means people who come earlier will freely choose the place they want to stay.

Swimming in this beach is very pleasant. As long as you can swim, you don't have to be afraid to swim in the beach, some more there are many life guards equipped with life-jacket keep their eyes on visitors when the visitors are swimming. So if some thing happen, they will directly save you from the beach. But you also have to be careful, and take a good care of yourself well when you are there.

From what I have seen in this location, this place is devided into three interesting areas. The first area is usually used for people to see the sea view. We can see the best sea view from here. Besides, this place is a good location to take some photos. This area is quite windy, so it’s also nice to relax here. The second area is called Tanjung Mak Dara. This is the best place you can visit to play the sea sands. You can use sand to form anything you like. The last area is called Tanjung Penyu. There are so many games of boat you may find here, such as Dragon Boat (Perahu Naga), Kayak, and Duck Boat (Perahu Bebek). But remember, before you are allowed to play some games here, you must buy the ticket first. Different games will have different ticket price. But don’t worry, the ticket price for all of the games are still reasonable.

It is so clear that many people in batam go to Sekilak Beach for relaxes and the most favourite days for people to come to this place are Saturday and Sunday. Some interesting boat games offered by the management of the Sekilak really can attract people to visit this beach. If you haven’t come here yet, and want to try the kayak, duck boat and dragon boat, you can come here and enjoy all the facilities.


Senja Nababan said...

Wow.....naik kayak emang menyenangkan.....dayung...dayung....mendayung...
ampe puegel.....eits, jadi malu, photo ane ada di sono....kapan yah ke Sekilak lagi..

Anonymous said...

kek saya pernah deh ke pantai ini. ini yang dekat pulau putri bukan?