Saturday, April 18, 2009

Engku Putri and Tiban Park Free WiFi, the free internet solution for Batam Citizen

Where do you think you can find places in batam that provide free internet access for you without spending money? If your answer is Cafes or Food Courts, it is not a correct answer. Why do I say so? When you visit a cafe that provides free Wifi, you still have to pay for drinks or food that you order. Or let say you only order a drink, Orang juice for example, you still have to pay for this order, don’t you?. If your answer is Engku Putri and Tiban Park, then i agree with your answer.

Engku Putri Park is located in Batam Center. If you know the location of Batam City Government (Pemko Batam), you should know this Park well. The name of Engku Putri is very familiar with batam citizen. Besides because of the free WiFi, also because of many activities are usually held in this place. By the way, Batam city government which had the idea to facilitate the park with free WiFi. The pioneer of this free Wifi is the vice mayor of Batam city government, that is Mr. Ria Saptarika. Because of a good cooperation between the mayor and the vice mayor of Batam City Government, the free Wifi could be provided in the park. One of internet providers in batam becomes a main sponsor of this free Wifi, that is Telkom Speedy. That’s why there is only speedy access available in this Park.

Many batam citizen take some advantages from this Free wireless internet connection. Especially for students and workers that don’t have any internet access at home. Because of this free Wifi, there are many people come to Engku Putri park every day. Especially for university students, they always come to this place to finish their home works given by their lecturer. Even in the morning, you can find some people already come to use the access. There are three shelters that are available in the park. So all people use these three shelters when they enjoy the facilities provided by the Batam City Government. From my observation for a week of the shelters, the three shelters are not enough for all people that come to this place, especially on saturday. So if I may give a suggestion to Batam City Government, please add more shelters in this park, at least 2 more shelters. For your information, there are three accesses point in this park, namely, Engku Putri, Engku Putri 1 and Engku Putri 2. So you have three options to choose which access point you want to connect to your laptop.

Besides Engku Putri Park, there is another park that is facilitated with a free Wifi in Batam, that is Tiban Park. Tiban park is located in Tiban. It takes about 15 minutes from Nagoya to reach this place. There is only one shelter you can find in this park, but I am sure that the Batam City Government will add more shelters in the future. Many people that stay in this area use this facility at their spare times.

In conclusion, many people in batam come to Engku Putri and Tiban Park to use the free Wifi provided by Batam City Government. The free WiFi is very useful for batam citizen especially for Students in Batam, as they can use the facility to do their home works without spending any money. You can imagine if they go to internet cafe and do their home works there, how much money they will spend for it. Hopefully, The Batam City Government will add another shelters at these two parks and add the access points as well.


Anonymous said...

Wow... Batam will be like Hong Kong soon. Can't wait to visit this fantastic growing island. I do love your blog. Most of the spots you posted here are extremely new for me. It's been ages since my last visit there. I can't believe my eyes, it develops instantly. Rimmled, you know what you are doing, mate? You are helping us with the information given. Thanks