Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Logging in Yahoo Messenger with many Ids / Usernames

I am always asked by many of my friends of how to logging in Yahoo Messenger with many id. Explaining step by step to different person is very hard to do, therefore, I post this explanation in my blog, so for you guys who need this information can read and follow the steps. Watch the steps carefully, and I believe that if you follow it correctly, you will succeed to logging in Yahoo Messenger with more than one id. But it’s necessary to remind you that if you logging in too many id or usernames in your computer or laptop, the Cpu will be working slower.

How To Do It ?

Click Menu Start, then choose RUN, after that there will appear a new tab and you type REGEDIT in the empty box then click OK. The next step you have to do is to choose HYKEY_CURRENT_USER, then click SOFTWARE. After choosing the SOFTWARE you then choose YAHOO, then go to PAGER and choose TEST. At the right side of the TEST you do right click then click NEW after that you choose DWORD VALUE. After doing that, you should rename it to PLURAL then press ENTER. Double click the new Folder with the name of PLURAL then at the Volume Data, you just fill in to 1 and at the right side, for the base you choose DECIMAL, then click OK. After doing this, you may test to logging in Yahoo Messenger using all of your id. I do believe if you do the given steps above, you will be able to logging in more than one id in your computer. Good Luck.

Please Follow these pictures guidance carefully :