Saturday, August 16, 2008

Your Yahoo Account has been locked ???

Have you ever seen this message “Your Account Has Been Locked, (81003003) when you try to login to your yahoo messenger (YM) Account? I am sure i am not the only one to see this message. When I wanted to login to my yahoo messenger account this morning, that message came out in a new window in my computer. At first i really got surprised, and tried to login again, I just thought i probably entered my password wrongly, but after trying for several times and still unable to sign in, then I checked by myself what’s going on with my yahoo account. I opened google site and entered the key words “your yahoo account has been locked”. After reading several related websites, then I knew what exactly happened to my yahoo messenger account.

If you guys find a message stating that your account has been locked for security reason it means that there have been so many attempts to login to your yahoo account with incorrect password. So the Yahoo Team will block your account just to prevent unauthorized users from being able to access your account. The lock in your account will expire 24 hours after it was locked. So you can access your account again after 24 hours when the Yahoo Team has unlocked your account.

In short, there is nothing we can do to avoid this problem, as anyone can do this to others account. Just remember, if you face this kind of problem, it means that somebody has been trying to login to your yahoo account with incorrect password. If I may suggest to the Yahoo Team to avoid this suspension and let the users use their own account. So if someone is trying to use other’s account and fails to login as he/she does not know the password, don’t block the account. Let him/her keeps on trying until he/she dies because of thinking our password. LoL

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joen johana said...

thanks for the relief now.

mathew said...

thanks for the info man........
i really got surprised by seeing this message from Yahoo....and i was thinking abt my contacts that would be lost. I cant afford to loose them

Anonymous said...

Same here - this has been going on for well over a month. You can open your email account and then try messenger again - it seems to reset it.