Friday, August 15, 2008

Barelang Bridge

Batam which is known as one of industrial cities in indonesia has a very special Bridge. The bridge name is Barelang Bridge or in bahasa we call it Jembatan Barelang. The name of Barelang itself stands for Batam – Rempang – and Galang. Those are just some islands’ name in the province of Kepri. It goes without saying that this barelang bridge connects these three islands, Starting from the island of Batam – Rempang – Galang. And there are also another islands that considered to be small islands, namely: Tonton – Nipah and Setokok island. Almost all of batam visitors will visit this bridge, because it's so beautiful and swanky. If you go to this bridge on Saturday or Sunday, you will probably see a lot of people hang out there. Especially in Holiday, if you and your family want to have some places to sit there, you must go to the bridge earlier, or else you don’t have any place to sit. So many foreigners and local people come to this bridge just to see the beauty of the bridge and to view the sunset as well.

This bridge is lied down in about 50 km from Nagoya (the biggest city in batam). We can go to this bridge by our own car, motorcycle or bus . If you go to this bridge by bus from Nagoya, you will be charged around Rp. 6000 per person. And if you go to this place by bus, please make sure that you are still able to catch the last bus from there to Nagoya. If i am not mistaken, the last bus from Barelang to Nagoya is around at 5pm. The safest way to come to this place is by our own car or motorcycle. Because we can go home anytime we want without getting scared for the last bus. And if you go to this place by car or motorcycle, don’t forget to assure yourself that the gasoline of your car or motorcycle are full, as you will not find any gasoline shop in this area.

Barelang bridge that has become the icon of Batam island is also sometimes called Habibie Bridge. You probably get wonder, why some people call it Habibie Bridge. It’s just because this bridge was built of Mr. Habibie’s (the ex president of Indonesia) initiative. So he was the one who planned to build this bridge. So guys, if you really like this bridge, you should thank to mr. Habibie because he’s the one who made your dream to see this bridge comes true hihihihi.

There are so many reasons why people come to this bridge. The good reasons for coming to this bridge are as what I have mentioned above, we can see the beauty of this bridge, and also can view the sunset. Beside that there are so many young couple come to this bridge just want to spend their time there. They will stay in this bridge until night. As there is no lamp on this bridge at night, so they can do whatever they want to do . Hahahhaha. No guys, I am just kidding. Yes, it’s true that they will stay until night, but it does not mean that they will do bad things there :D

The bad reasons for coming to this bridge is, some hopeless and depressed people use this bridge to commit suicide. There were so many people died already here. They used to jump from the bridge into the water, and the body would be found one or two days after. So for you guys who always go to this place, don’t ever try to jump from the bridge, though you are good at swimming, you will hardly save your life once you jump from it. So for all of you who haven’t seen this bridge yet, come to batam island and give a visit of this bridge. I am sure you will not regret to see it.

Please have a look at the pictures below, all of them were taken in Barelang Bridge.


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yupp...i agree thats why barelang bridge is one of my fav place hehehe...

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