Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grand Opening of Nelayan Seafood Restaurant and Fashion

There is a new seafood restaurant again in Barelang. The name of the restaurant is Nelayan Seafood and Fashion (Restoran Nelayan Seafood dan Fashion). The grand opening of this restaurant is held on Friday, july 23, 2010. Almost all the people who have been invited come to visit this restaurant. Mr. Jahuin Hutajulu, SE, the owner of the restaurant says that the restaurant is opened for those who like eating seafood with sea’s view. The restaurant itself is placed just nearby the fourth of Barelang Bridge. There are many kinds of lively fish, prawn, lobster, and gong-gong which are offered at this restaurant. All of them are placed in a special fish net put in the sea water in restorant’s area. So the visitors are free to choose what they want to eat. They just pinpoint what they like then the servant will take their order and serve for them.

Nelayan and Fashion Restaurant is not the only one restaurant you may find in the fourth Barelang Bridge. There are two more restaurants you can see there. But from what I had seen when I was there, Nelayan and Fashion Restaurant is the biggest restaurant there. The owner of this restaurant employ many employers serve all visitors who come to this restaurant. And the good news is, almost all the employers who work in this restaurants are from local citizen. So it goes without saying that the existence of this restaurant becomes an advantage for the local citizen.

As we have known together that every Saturday and Sunday many people spare their time to visit some interesting places, such as Barelang Bridge (Jembatan Barelang), Mirota Beach (Pantai Mirota), Setokok beach (Pantai Setokok), Melayu Beach (Pantai Melayu), Melur beach (Pantai Melur) and Vietnam’s Camp (Cam Vietnam). The opening of this restaurant then becomes one solution for all people who pass this area. Because whenever they want to have lunch or dinner, they can stop and have it in this restaurant. Beside offering a good sea;s view, the prices are also reasonable.

So guys, whenever you go to this area, you may try and taste the food in this restaurant. Beside you have fresh sea food, you can also save your money because the price offered in this restaurant is reasonable. In short, the existence of this seafood restaurant not only help local citizen but also fisherman around this area in which they can sell their lively fishes to this restaurant.


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