Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hacking Chips in Texas Holdem Poker Zynga

Many players loose their accounts in Facebook. They are unable to sign in anymore to their accounts. They are confused how it could happen to them. The worst thing is, they just buy chips from the third party, but suddenly they cannot open their accounts. For you guys, be more careful, there are many ways hackers can do to take over your accounts, therefore, you must keep your account safely.

As I mentioned above, there are many ways hacker can do to take over your accounts. Firstly, they probably use message through facebook to get your id and password. Be more alert when you receive an email in your inbox, explaining that you win a lottery price from zynga and suggest you to come to their link and log in there. I insist you that zynga will never give any lottery to it’s members. Please have a look at an example below :

If you receive that kind of mail, don’t enter the link they give. Just delete it away, and if you enter the link, never log in from there, because when you log in from there, your id and password will be recorded by them.

Secondly, if you receive a warning email from them, explaining that you are suspected doing an illegal transfer of chips, and they suggest you to confirm them through their link, don’t open the link, or if you still open the link, never log in from their links. Once you log in from their link, your id and password will be kept by them. It’s just like example below :

Thirdly, please assure yourself to type the correct link when you want to log in to facebook. Don’t click or follow people’s instruction except Because nowadays there are many hackers try to manipulate people to enter facebook from their webs. So make sure you type to enter facebook web site.

Finally, Saving your account correctly will make you comfortable in accessing facebook or playing poker in Zynga. And by following the above explanation, you will no be cheated by the hackers. Keep saving your accounts and have fun in face book.