Monday, January 4, 2010

Soft Opening Mirota Batam, Batik, Handicraft, Café and Minimarket

Guys, I am sure you are already familiar with Mirota right? If you hear about mirota, willy-nilly you will remember Mirota Beach and the villas. But this time, I will not discuss about them, but the Soft Opening of Mirota Batam.. It was held on December 22, 2009 in in Kompleks Air Mas Blok E No 4 – 7 Batam Center. If you don’t know the area well, It’s just nearby Green Land, and Center Point Housing. There are many kinds of handicraft and batik clothes you may find there. And I tell you what? Stttttt, all the batik clothes and handicrafts are offerred with low price. If you are curious about them, just come and prove it by yourselve.

Mirota Batam in Air Mas also provides a café, if you feel hungry or thirsty while you do shopping there, you may come to the café, and have lunch or dinner there. The price of the food and drink there are also reasonable. While you are having your lunch or dinner there, you may also watch the television provided by the owner. Just in front of the Café, you may see the Minimarket, you may buy your daily needs there. The supermarket is also quite complete. And beside the supermarket, you will see many Batik clothes are hung around the room. Just near the Batik clothes area, there are many kinds of handicraft are sold there, such as Wayang, Seruling, Gamelan, Angklung, Gendang, Statues, Blankon, Centong, Necklaces. Bags, And many more. When I went there with my wife and daughter, we bought some batik there. Besides the batik looks very nice, the prices are also reasonable. I tell you what? I bought 3 batik clothes and my wife bought 2, we only spent Rp. 225.000 for all. It's very very cheap, isn't it ? Don't compare the price of Batik Clothes in Mirota Batam from Plaza or Mall. They are really far in different. If you go to Mall, and buy 1 batik from there, i am sure you will spend at least Rp 150.000 for 1 piece of Batik. Through this blog i don't suggest you not to buy batik from mall, but i just let you know where to find cheap batik in Batam.

There must be a reason why the owner of this Shop and Café (Mrs Imam) did the soft opening at the end of the year 2009. The only reason is because She wants to support the program of Visit Batam 2010. Hopefully by the presence of this Shop and Café which offer kinds of handicraft and batik clothes can attract many westerners to come to This scorpion island. Go Go Go Visit Batam 2010 ..........

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