Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Free Hotspot in Graves, Why Not ?

Can you imagine if in a grave area there is a free hotspot provided by the government to the citizens around that city? This is still the first time for me to know that there’s a free hot spot in a grave area, and how about you? The citizen of Batu Aji Batam can be proud now by the presence of the free hot spot which is provided by the Pemko Batam. Although the location of the free hotspot in a grave area, but it does not influence batu aji citizen to use the service. If you go to that place, there will be two shelters available there. Each shelter has two benches, and can be placed by around 8 people.

When I came to the place, there were 5 people there tried the service. They did browsing, chatting in yahoo messenger and open the web cam. The internet speed is quite ok there. If you are curious to know, then come to Batu Aji, and you may try the line by yourself. The Location of the free hotspot in batu aji is in Taman Makan Pahlawan Area and Kantor Urusan Agama (KUA), or it’s exactly located behind Putra Batam Campus.

I am sure by the presence of the free hotspot in batu aji, the citizen of batu aji who do not have internet access in their home will use the service as good as possible. For Students who have laptop and want to do their homework by browsing some information from internet may come to this place without spending their money. For workers who want to finish their jobs and need internet connection, also may come to this place.

In Short, The free hotspot which is provided by Pemko Batam can give many advantages for all batu aji citizen. I really hope that all batu aji citizen will use the service well, otherwise the ghosts who stay in the grave will use it hahahha


Authorized Kampret said...

Wah di taman makan pahlawan, biar ngjunknya semangat 45 kali hehe